Sunday, January 12, 2014

Year Mark Approaching...

Hey everyone!
My year mark is this Thursday. And cambios are Wednesday! We shall see what happens! I think we are both staying, tho.
Well, Leticia came to church! But she is super forgetful...its weird. We are working slower with her.
We found a family! Theyre AWESOME! We are gonna have an FHE with them this week!
We had a zone conference this week! A Christmas zone conference! We got gifts! I got a flash drive from my secret santa, and the mission gave us a Book of Mormon, and the challenge is to read it 4 times this year! Its on. im so doing it.
I also got to see my last comp! Hna Paicely! She told me some news from Recreo: they dropped the Rojas family. Alejandro, my convert, passed away. But my old investigator, Oriana, the wife of Alejandro, got baptized this week! I was so happy to find that out. :)
We had an RS dinner this week and played games - it was super fun!
We made peanut butter cookies for the mission coordination meeting, and the mission leader and the Elders ate all of them! haha.
We talked to some suuuper less actives and it was crazy! A long for when I get home I guess, it would take too long! And I have no time. :( so youll just have to wait! lol
I have decorated like 4 Christmas trees so far... love it!
I got to watch the Christmas devotional - it was in Spanish. But the music was amazing as well - especially Away in a Manger, with the flute solos. :)
But yeah...
I get to talk to my family next week! Im so excited!
And thats all I have time to say...I promise to write a longer email next week!
Hermana Amy Schrader

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