Friday, December 28, 2012

It's P-Day!!! HALLELUJAH!!!

Hello everyone!
So I'm sorry that my Christmas email was really short. There was no time! lol but I have a bit more time today.
I love the MTC! There are some things that I'm not so crazy about, like the weather, how all the buildings look the same, and some of the food...
But overall it's awesome. Most of the food so far is good! The Elders here are so nice to the Sisters and they're so respectful, always holding the door open and helping with everything. They're very entertaining too, so it's a pretty good mix. Elder Nelson, an Elder in my zone, is completely insane. He is soo funny and crazy and super immature. lol but Hey, I don't have TV anymore so he's pretty much my TV!
My favorite thing here is when all 2500 missionaries in the MTC have a fireside or something and we all sing. The sound of that just sends chills down your spine! It is so powerful and SO amazing.
I have heard from various missionaries that Vina del Mar is absolutely gorgeous. I am so excited. :)
Every day for gym time, I usually play basketball. haha it's just super fun. Plus it's awesome when I play against super short Hermanas, because I feel like a giant and I can easily get the ball in the hoop! haha.
I have actually made several really awesome 3 pointers. If only you could watch me go at it!
My companion, Hermana Whipple and I made a rap in Spanish about the Hermanas.
We were pretty proud of it, even though it's kinda stupid. haha. Here goes:
El RAP hecho por las hermanas
Las HErmanas en la casa!
Estamos aqui para decir
Que pasa! Que pasa!
Como el rey de leones
Mufasa! Mufasa!
Cuidate, Elderes!
Somos de las calles!
Preparara, preparara
Pero no es posible si tu no bailes!
Anyway haha that's it. I have laughed so hard since I've been here, the energy here is amazing. I love it!
I love how the MTC is like a mini world. We have homes and classes and a cafeteria, a bookstore, a laundry place, a Health Clinic, a Salon, a mailroom, ... and so much more!!! lol
Ok, so in case you didn't tell Sister Niko what my favorite scripture is, I think one of them is D&C 35:13!!! So put that on my plaque! Yay!
Greg Olsen, the painter, came and spoke to us on Christmas, and that was really cool, he showed all of his paintings and the backgrounds of them and gave a really good message.
I love watching movies here with all the missionaries. They think everything is so funny, and all romantic things are just incredible. haha. So watching It's A Wonderful Life on Christmas...Yeah it was probably the funniest thing ever. But it was also super spiritual.
My name is Hermana Amy Schrader and I'm going to the Chile Vina del MAr mission! I'm at the MTC! Please everyone use it! I hope you all do!
I have to go, I will write letters to people's dear elders when I can. :)
Hermana Amy Schrader

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Hello Family and Friends!
I am sorry I haven't been able to email yet! Today is the first day we've been able to! My P-Days are on Fridays, I hope you got my letter home!
I am in District 11A and my companion is Hermana Whipple! Bad news about her:  She goes to the University of Utah and when we were in gymn, she didn't get my Pokemon reference! But the good news:  She is OBSESSED with Harry Potter just like me. Plus she's awesome and funny and we have a ton of fun together. She's from Bountiful, Utah. We are the only sisters in our district. The other Elders are Elder Brady, from Arizona, going to Chile Santiago West, Elder Nelson, from Provo, going to Chile Santiago North, Elder Schriever, from Idaho, going to El Salvador/San Salvador/Belize, and Elder Gajkowski (it's Polish) from Utah, going to Guatemala Guatemala City North!  Ok!
So it's been crazy awesome here and there's such an amazing spirit of Christmas here.  There are lights on all the trees in one of our courtyards and it's beautiful! It's super cold though, and of course I get sick 24 hours after I got here :) You know me! But everyone's been really nice about it, even though today and yesterday I lost my voice and our Elders joke that I sound like a 13 year old boy. haha. My district is so awesome, I love being with them, they are so funny!  The food so far is not bad, but I've got 8 weeks to go! :)
Ummm let's see there's SO MUCH to tell you but I can't remember it all and I have NO TIME! I have 20 minutes to write you guys and I spent at least 5 reading all the emails I got. Solution:  PLEASE use! It's free while I'm in the MTC and the day you email me I get a physical copy. So please do it! I would love that!
I don't know what to say! It's all been so amazing and crazy and I don't have time to say anything! Hearing all the elders and sisters sing Christmas songs and Called to Serve is SO COOL!!! It sounds like an Army of Helaman! I wish I could sing right now but that probably wouldn't be too pleasant for the ears haha.
Elder Russell M. Nelson came to our Christmas Devotional today and spoke! It was so cool, when he walked in the room, everyone stood up and you could feel the Spirit come in with him. Dang brotha! It was so cool. During his talk, I couldn't stop writing notes! And his wife talked about gifts we receive and that the gifts of the Holy Ghost are in 3 places in the scriptures! First Corinthians, somwhere in teh BoM, and Section 42 of D and C or something like that. If it's in there that many times, it must be important for us to know!!! Pray for the spiritual gifts you want and need.
Ok! Please write me! I have so much more to say and I don't have time!
THIS GOSPEL is SO TRUE it's incredible.
I'm so grateful for the Christmas season.
(btw we watched the Testaments the night before Christmas Eve, A CHRISTMAS CAROL on CHRISTMAS EVE!!! Tradition :) and tonight we are watching It's a Wonderful Life!
Hermana Amy Schrader