Sunday, January 12, 2014

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Feliz Navidad!

Heyyy everyone!
Merry Christmas this Wednesday!!!!!!! I am so excited! I get to call home and see my fam!!! Woohooo! Me and Hna Oliva also set the goals for the "perfect week", which is super difficult, but we're gonna do it as a gift for Christ! For Christmas!
So. As you can see, I did not have cambios this past week! Cambios were Wednesday and we are both staying here! Until January 29th. :) We are gonna tear it up. :)
Cuz we found 2 more families! That's three new families! And they're alll awesome!!!
We had a ward Christmas dinner Saturday night, and we (including the Elders) had lots of investigators! Leticia came, and the Elders gave her a blessing so she'll get better, and also that she will remember more! Apparently Alzheimers runs in her family, and we've been seeing evidences of that lately. So the blessing was awesome!
The mom of the new family (Family Solis-Castro), Oriana, came too! She and Leticia got along really well, and she loved the dinner! Melissa and Jericó came, although Jericó left early to work. But Melissa and her two little sons, Joseph and Renato, staying the whole time! They got to participate in the Nativity that the Primary put on! They were a little horse and a little cow, and they were so adorable! The Primary gave presents to all the little kids, and our little investigators got some too! We had an awesome time, talking with everyone, listening to music, eating was awesome!
Brandon also came, who is the brother of Milsy. Milsy is fully involved in everything now, especially with the YW. She is raising money with them to go to EFY! Brandon is progressing too because he used to not believe in anything. But he told us (grudgingly) that he now believes in some kind of force that helps people make better decisions for their lives. And we were like, "Brandon...its the Spirit..." And he was like, "No, let's not put a name on it. Its just some kind of force." haha this kid is hilarious. But hey! He's progressing!
Oh! And this week, on Thursday, I hit my year mark! I got an email from President saying, Thank you for all your hard work this year, keep it up! So that was cool.
This week me and Hna Oliva put on a puppet show (with the help of Jericó) for Melissa and her two little sons. We totally taught the Restoration that way, and it was awesome! Everyone understood, and everyone loved it!
A member gave us a little baby Christmas tree for our apartment. It's so cute. We set it up, and at the bottom, we put pics of our families. The members have been giving us little gifts too, so we open them, then rewrap them and put them under the tree. haha.
SO! This Christmas - the plan is that on Christmas Eve, we have Christmas dinner with the Gallegos family. We are also going to call on Christmas from the Silva family's house. :) It's gonna be a hot week - a sunny Christmas. We call Valparaíso the City of Eternal Christmas, because we are surrounded by hills lit up with lights - that looks like a Christmas tree! It's beautiful.
It's gonna be an awesome week! I hope you all enjoy your Christmas!
And remember the reason for the season - the birth of Christ! Find some souls to give to him! :) haha
I am so grateful for the birth of Christ, because without His condescension, God's plan would be foiled.
Rejoice! The Lord is born. :)
And he was born for YOU.
Love you all!!!!!! Miss you!
Hermana Amy Schrader

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