Monday, September 9, 2013

September Break...Down.

Hey everyone,
Things that happened this week:
-Milo left to Colombia for a month. :( We have no ward mission leader. But he is probably having a great time with his family there! :)
-Due to crazy traffic, we arrived late to zone conference. :( But President is awesome and smiled as we walked in, and zone conference turned out to be super awesome. 
-Today is super foggy and chilly. :( But this week has been like summer! :)
-We got to do service for the bishop's wife! Yay yard work! Seriously, we loved it.
-The Rojas family wanted so bad to go to the stake activity in Viña that they started WALKING THERE (they didnt have money for the bus) with 4 kids! That's a long distance!  Little Lincoln was running. It was really cute because we came to give them some money from a member to catch the bus, but they had already started walking. We called them trying to find them, and found them halfway down the hill. The kids, when they saw us, started running toward us, straight into our arms! Love them. I cant believe they were gonna walk to the stake center! 
We also taught them the Word of Wisdom. With Hna Doris, the awesomest member missionary ever. She was incredible. And the Rojas family was incredible too! They realized why they needed to change and accepted it wholeheartedly! It was sooo cool. I left the house on Cloud 9.
But I think I dropped to at least Cloud 8 on Sunday, when they didnt show up to church (apparently because of Daylight Savings, but we did call them to wake them up!). But no worries, we are gonna keep progressing with them!
We taught Milena the Word of Wisdom too and it is amazing how people are prepared for the gospel. It seems like her whole life has led right up to us teaching the Word of Wisdom. She accepted it wholeheartedly too and loves when we visit her. She is awesome. 
It was Hermana Sonia's birthday this week! Yay!
Which reminds me, if there's any of you that I haven't said Happy Birthday to, Im sorry! I dont have facebook to remind me of when your birthday is. lol.
We taught English classes this week, but only 1 guy came, Javier. (Technically 2 if you count the schizo Marcelo, but he's awesome and already knows English!)
We met a Chilean who visited America tons of times and is officially in love with it. He doesn't even celebrate the 18th of September! He told us he works that day, and on July 4th, he asks for the day off. :) Hes a cool guy. 
Chile played Venezuela this Friday in fútbol (soccer)! They won 3-0! It was great hearing the cheers all over Recreo. :)
So, it was a good week, but it was a hard week. Probably the hardest in the mission so far. There has just been so much responsibility on my shoulders and so much to do and take care of...I pretty much broke down in Sunday School. But bishop, right in time, pulled me out of class to ask me a question and saw that I was crying. He took me and Hna Hanks into his office and listened to us. He is a great guy. We have the awesomest bishop! He just listened to us and told us everything would be ok, and that we are doing great work in Recreo. I am so grateful for him. :)
I am ok, don't worry about me! I am learning a ton and will continue learning for sure. I have grown so much! And I am so grateful for this opportunity!
Quote of the week: "No part of your life is too small for God to care about it."
Also, John 20:29 is awesome.
Well, that's is for this week I guess!
See everyone next week!
I love you all! Enjoy BYU football! haha and enjoy your week!
Hermana Amy Schrader


Haha hello everyone! Happy September! The weather should be warming up soon :)
That's right. The Rojas family. :) :) It was a miracle!!!! Not all of them came, but Francisco and 3 of his kids came! No one ever comes to church in Recreo! And in addition to them, we had another investigator come with a member friend, and like 4 less actives! It was AWESOME! The cool part about the Rojas family is that everyone greeted them and welcomed them, and all the members got up and bore their testimonies! It was so cool! In Primary, one of the leaders thought that the kids were members because they volunteered to give the prayers in Primary and they did it so well! They are such a great family. When they arrived at church, 5 year old Vicente came out first and ran all the way down the sidewalk into my arms!!! It was absolutely adorable. I was so happy to see them there, it was a miracle. And they loved church!
Let's see, what else. We had an activity this weekend in our ward, we got to listen to some T Swift playing. We played Telephone! Lemme tell ya. Spanish Telephone is a LOT harder than English telephone haha. But my group won! I didnt mess it up too bad! :)
Milo is going to Colombia this week. :( But I hope he has a great time! He will be there a month and he will come back here after cambios!
We taught a mailman in the street the other day. He was cool! We sat talking to him for like an hour in front of the apartments. He was super interested in the gospel and asked us so many questions! He was flipping through the Book of Mormon and came across the Index in the back, and one of the definitions is Lucifer. And he freaked out cuz he thought there was a Book of Lucifer! Haha but no worries, we explained it to him and he was laughing. Hes a cool guy. :)
This week we found a couple new hidden jungles in Recreo! Theyre so pretty and green. And Recreo lately has been smelling like ocean breeze. Nice and fresh and salty. :) But it doesnt help when you have people skinning fish outisde your apartment. 
Hmmm what else... Diego the 6yr old son of the bishop started singing the English theme song of Ninja Turtles - just for me. But he doesnt speak English and it sounded like gibberish hahaha his mom was in a fit of silent giggles and kept glancing at me and laughing more. I was laughing so hard! Oh Diego. What a great kid. 
I had a BREAKTHROUGH this week! Not just that people actually came to church. I feel like I have figured out this mission thing a little more. I know now more than ever that I am here on a mission because God wants me to become something more! I am here in Recreo with Hna Hanks because that's exactly where I need to be for me to become what He wants me to become. I am learning so very much and I wouldnt give it up for the world. The mission is VERY HARD but that just means that it's worth it! Like it says in Harry Potter, "We must choose between what is right and what is easy." True that. If this was easy to do it wouldn't be worth it. "Heavenly Father didnt put us on earth to fail, but to succeed!" (Richard G. Scott). God sees you as His child, and who you are capable to become. Doing things the Lord's way will make you happier than doing things your way. Guaranteed. "Cheer up your hearts, and remember that ye are free to act for yourselves! Reconcile yourselves to the will of God." (2 Nephi 10:23-24). 
Everyone - we have the gospel! The gospel is power! And with power comes great responsibility (thank you Spiderman). So let's share it with all! Cuz that's our responsibility. 
Enjoy your week everyone! I love you all! Write me!
Con amor,
Hermanita Amy Schrader

It's Chilly in Chile

Hey what's up everyone? :)
Before I tell my weekly stories, I just want to let you guys know that sometimes my email likes to goof off and tell me I never got messages from some of you. So, if you havent gotten a reply from me from any of your emails, please tell me! Cuz chances are my email hid it from me. 
Anyway, this week was an awesome week! It's been a been chilly but still nowhere near the winters in Utah and Colorado. :)
We worked a lot this week with a member named Doris. She is a born member missionary. She shares the gospel with everyone she meets, cuz its just that important to her! We have taught many of the people she has found, and one of them was a 83 year old man that has been practically on his death bed for a while. She asked us to come visit him and sing him a hymn. So we did one night, we sang Más Cerca Dios de Ti, which means, Nearer my God to Thee. He loved it, even though he couldn't really respond, he just layed there, but he started trying to say something. The next morning Doris called us and told us he passed away that morning. Looks like we gave him a good send off. The missionaries taught him years ago, and challenged him to baptism, and he said yes! But his caretaker wouldnt let him get baptized cuz she thought he'd die of hypothermia. So, anyway, this guy is incredible, and he's up in the spirit world right now, and Im sure he is listening to the missionaries and has accepted the baptism challenge once more. :) 
Doris's sister and mother are hilarious though. Everytime we visit them they tell 20 minute stories and repeat everything the other says. Haha, me and Hermana Hanks try so hard not to laugh! 
This week we ate quail eggs...that was interesting. I dont think Ill die, dont worry, they just tasted like chicken eggs. :)
Haha one night when our DL called us, he told us that he had rocks thrown at him by someone who wasn't too friendly with our religion or the USA. haha. I had to laugh at that one. Elder Faught is like 7 feet tall... he is a moving target for sure.
I almost got my boots fixed! Our Chilean mother took them to 2 different places to see if they could fix them...but alas, no luck. So, she gave them back to me and told me to frame them, and told me, "I never want to see you round here with those things on again, ok?" But I went home, taped some cardboard on the bottom, wore 2 pairs of socks, and taped the bottom of my foot... and wore them. Yes. That is how much I love my boots. You shouldve seen Hna Sonia's face when she saw me with them again! Haha. 
We taught a member's blind boyfriend this week, which was really cool. His name is Juan and he is an adorable little 88 year old man. 
We met a Chilean guy from Philly! We knocked on his door and he had a perfect American Philadelphian accent. Sounded just like one of my uncles! Haha it was music to my ears to hear a Philadelphian accent again. Heck, it was music to my ears just to hear English! 
We ran into some more drunk old people again, an event that is oh so common in Chile. He was stumbling around on a sidewalk, and yelled as we passed, "Come visit me! Teach me the Bible!" and cackling. I was just like, "Yeah sure, alright! Will do! Ciao!"
We met another drunk guy that recognized us as people of faith, and told us while he was crying that his life was messed up and that he wanted to change his life, and that please is there any way you can help me? So we took down his address and told the Elders to go visit him, since he didnt live in our area. 
When me and Hna Hanks come home at night, we both agree that our hair smells like cigarettes and beer. So much fun.
Church yesterday was awesome! We had 4 investigators come! One was this 20 some year old guy named Robinson that loses his memory every time he sleeps. But he has obligated himself to come to our church every Sunday! He is a cool guy and super nice. 
I was sitting in sacrament meeting yesterday and I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn around to find Diego's face about 2 inches from mine. Diego is the bishop's 5 yr old son. Haha and he whispered mysteriously, "You know what? I know you have a ninja turtles tshirt." Hahaha I just laughed and was like, "No way! Howd you know!?" Diego is so super adorable and he gets a kick out of knowing I like all the stuff he likes. 
We also had a investigator class that Milo taught, and I sat by Alejandro. Alejandro was pretty silent for the whole lesson, but near the end he started rambling on about burning bodies through cremation....and I started laughing. Silently of course! But it was so funny! I was laughing so hard that Milo started laughing too! Hahaha oh Alejandro. Pure entertainment, that man. 
Anyway, cambios are next Wednesday. I feel like I might be staying in Recreo! 
I just wanted to let you all know that I love you all and that I hope you will always try and be the best examples you can be to everyone. There are a lot of menos activos here that have left the church from being offended or feeling left out. So please, include everyone everywhere you go, and dont judge! Just be Christlike. Everyone needs to work on that, including me obviously, cuz no one is perfect! We are not perfect people! And neither is anyone else. So let's just love everyone. :) Deal. :)
LOVE YOU! Enjoy your summer!
Hermana Amy Schrader
P.S. Happy Birthday to Harry Potter last Wednesday, July 31st! ;)

End of August Already?

Hola to everyone :)
Hows the weather in America? Cooling down? It's been super cold here! Colder than ever! Especially since I got sick! It was lame. And we had intercambios when I was deathly sick, but I still learned a lot. Haha. I went to Reñaca with Hermana Calderón from Colombia. She is amazing. 
Last P-Day we had a zone activity in Con Con. We played soccer (again - I dont know why we dont play more basketball. Oh yeah - we're in South America). We played in an enclosed field so that the ball wouldnt escape. But you know these crazy Argentinians. Theyre crazy good at soccer and the ball soared out onto the street. So a crazy guy in a Coca Cola truck at a stoplight jumps out of his truck and runs across the street to get us our ball. haha. All of us were applauding and cheering. What a great guy.
Milena came back from vacay in Costa Rica! So we can continue teaching her. She wanted us to meet her friends and they are all super nice. It was awesome.
We did service for Hermano Ravé again this week. He was watching Bridge to Terabithia when we arrived. While we were ironing his clothes and cleaning his kitchen, he started watching Nacho Libre. Haha. Lemme tell you, it is funny in Spanish too.
We have a new district! 3 latinos and 3 gringos. Its a lot of fun.
In OK Market, I heard my wedding song. Haha or, what will be one of my wedding songs. This I Promise You, by NSYNC!!! It made my week. I melted when I heard it. :) You know me and my 90s boy bands. 
Someone thought I was Chilean this week! Literally, and they werent crazy! Surprisingly! Well, not that I know of. He said Hna Hanks was from North America and I was from Chile. And Hna Hanks said, "Yeah, she's from Santiago." haha oh it was awesome. 
About the Rojas family... everytime we visited them this week, they promised us they'd come to church on Sunday. Guess who didn't come to church on Sunday.
We also met a drunk man in the street who wanted to change his life, who cried to us and asked us for help. So we told him to sober up and come to church. Guess who else didnt come to church on Sunday. Yeah pretty sure he ran back up the hill to go buy drugs. Crazy.
Abuelita Martita told me to tell my parents that I have a little Chilean grandmother that is taking care of me. :) So just so you know.
We had lunch with Hna Sonia this week, and her husband Ricardo. After lunch we asked if we could share something with them, and Ricardo said, "Only if it's about Snow White." So I said, "Alright." And I found that scripture in Isaiah about our sins being scarlet, and through the Savior they will be as white as snow. Haha they loved it. THey thought it was very clever.
We met a less active member in the plaza this week, from Esperanza, and after telling us everything (she was a darling woman), she started talking about how the Lord gives us signs on what we should do. I agreed and said, "Maybe we're a sign too." And she looked at me and said, "That's exactly what I said to myself when I saw you guys!" It was cool.
Another cool thing that happened this week was when me and Hna Hanks were sitting on some stairs waiting to meet up with a member, and while we sat there, like 3 people came up to us and asked us who we are and what we do! They just saw us smiling and talking and wanted to know. Let's just say we have 3 new people to teach. :)
Guys, this gospel is TRUE!!! Everything that happens to me in the mission and in life is just a testimony that God exists and that this is the true gospel. There is no other. I am so glad to have hope and peace knowing whats to come in this world. I am so grateful that I have someone there for me who knows me and has a better plan for me than I could ever have for myself. :)
LOVE YOU ALL! Never forget that this gospel is the greatest gift we could ever have. We are all so very blessed. Let's share this gift with whoever else wants it!
Hermana Amy Schrader

Nos Quedamos! Stayin in Recreo

Hola familia y amigos!
How are you all? NEWS: Cambios were this past Wednesday, and me and Hermana Hanks are staying! At least for another 6 weeks. Which means that we will be here for September 18th, the Independence Day of Chile, and the biggest holiday in this country! Everyone in our ward and our investigators are so happy that we are staying. So happy. It makes me happy. :)
Last P-Day, my "mamá" (Hermana Garcia, my trainer), went home to Panama! She finished her mission and is now home. But before she left, on P-Day she came to see us with Hermana Hanks's trainer, Hermana Ortega, and our aunt Hermana Estrada. It was such a pleasure to see Hermana Garcia! She looked happy but she told me that she didnt want to go home. I wonder if I will feel like that when it's time for me to leave. 
Speaking of timing, TODAY is my 8 month mark in the mission. My halfway mark is September 10th. Crazy, eh? But I feel like I have oh so much more to learn here in Chile, so that day in the future, June 3rd, seems like a lifetime away. A lifetime full of Chilean adventures and pure mission! Woohoo!
Along with transfers, our dear beloved district leader got moved to Coquimbo as a zone leader. We really got along with him and we miss him! Haha he always had funny mission stories. But guess who came to our district, who's in Esperanza! (right next to Recreo). Elder Abarca! He was in my Quilpué district my first cambio! So we are reunited. Love it. 
So, news about the family we are teaching. They found a job and have been a lot happier, but sadly, did not come to church. It is typical to have lame excuses in Chile, so we will try EVEN HARDER. 
We visited Blanca this week, that cute little Chilean abuelita, the one with Alzheimer's. Her daughter Irma told us that usually when people come to visit, even when they're relatives, she gets confused and bothered and says, "What are they doing here?" When we come, however, she welcomes us with a smile on her face. She obviously doesn't remember us, but she must see or feel something different when we are there cuz she smiles and watches us and tells us to come over whenever we want. When we leave down the apartment stairs, she pokes her head over the railing and watches us and waves until we are out of sight. So. Cute. 
This week we had ordered pizza at a little Italian restaurant in Esperanza, and the people there know us. But this time there was a new head chef, and when he saw us, he said, "Misioneras? Santos de los Últimos Días?" And then he told us that he just got baptized and moved there! And he gave us free appetizers just cuz we were missionaries. Awesome. 
We had a zone conference on Friday in Con Con, and it was a beautiful trip up there. We rode the micro (bus) along the sunny coast up through Reñaca to the heights of Con Con. So awesome! We learned a lot in the conference about many things. One of my favorites was remembering WHO we are here to serve. Not ourselves, but others. And by serving others, according to Mosiah 2:17, we are serving the Lord. 
This week we had another run in with a drunk who carries his poodle around. Last week he saw us from afar, ran up to us and held out his poodle and told us to pet it. Ummmm.... very soft poodle. He then asked us our names and we told him Hermana Schrader and Hermana Hanks. Then he said, Nooo your real names! So we decided to have a little fun. Hermana Hanks said her name was Shaniqua. It was hard to keep a straight face, but I nodded my head seriously and later told him I was from Africa. He was very interested. Haha oh the poddle man.
I got to see some Ninja Turtles this week! My new snake, a 5 year old that also loves Ninja Turtles and hasnt stopped telling me about them since he found out I have a ninja turtles tshirt, showed me a couple of the old episodes while we were visiting the bishop. Sweet!
We played basketball this week for a ward activity, and there were many people who came to play with us! Dont worry, I represented the US well. :)
While I was doing laundry by hand one day out on our apartment balcony in the sun, I thought to myself, I'm in Chile! This is so cool! It really is cool. I love the sounds of Chile too. Barges on the sea, the melody of the gas trucks, squawking seagulls, the megaphone of the nearby high school, millions of dogs barking, distant catcalls and whistles to every female to walk past a construction site, and everyone playing Adele, who apparently, according to Chileans, is the best singer in the world. Ah you gotta love Chile. :)
Well, guys, Im thankful to be staying here in Recreo with my good friend Hermana Hanks. We have so much planned to make this cambio the best there ever was! We are gonna love the people and we are gonna baptize! :) Which is difficult in a place like this, but we ain't givin up. 
I know this church is true!!! Everytime I read the scriptures I realize how real it is. They are not just legends or stories, or something made up. I  KNOW that it's truth and we shall all see one day. If you want to read a couple really good sections in D&C, go for 135 and 137. So cool.
I love you all! Until next week! Everyone that wrote me, I will write you back personally after our zone activity, our internet time has been split for before and after. So. See ya!
Love you and Miss you!
Hermana Amy Schrader
P.S. Sorry if the pics are repeats! Cant remember which ones I've already sent.
First one is us as Sith lords.
Second one with Hermana Hanks's friend that is studying abroad here in Chile.
Third is me at a thrift store in Chile! Look what the shirt says!

Happy Birthday Adam and Alaena!

Hello family :)
Happy Birthday to Adam! He is 24! I am so lucky to have a brother like him. I love the heck out of him and we have always had tons of fun together. Wish him a happy birthday!
Alaena - Happy 22nd! Love you! Youre the best! Have fun in Spain!
Not much time today, people. I am so sorry!
But just wanted to go over the basics of this week - Transfers are Wednesday! I might be in another city by next monday or I might have a new comp. But then again, I might be in the same place with the same comp so we shall see. ;)
I love Chile! People here are sweet and adorable, sometimes a little lazy and sometimes a little crazy, but i still love them.
I understand all Spanish! Officially! Milo used to mutter sarcastic comments and jokes under his breath, and i never understood what he was saying, but NOW I DO! And he is hilarious.
I had the best day in the mission this week! We taught our family, the Rojas family. We arrived to see their faces sad and the air tense...they told us we arrived right in time. They had been fighting and arguing, and there was a bad spirit about the place. But we listened to them, loved them, and taught them part of the Plan of Salvation and baptism. They agreed to get baptized and even shook our hands and said, DEAL! I love them so much already and they are amazing. They said they have all these catholic things up everywhere, the saints, the virgin, and no one has come to help them. But we did, and we came right at the right time. I dont brag that it was our idea or our power that helped them. It was all God. After teaching them, I offered a prayer with a blessing on the family adn the house, and after we said, Amen, Carolina looked up, with tears in her eyes, and said to her husband, "Do you feel that? That relief?"
I also learned this week that things happen for a reason. Whatever happens in life, whatever obstacle or hardship, is either a consequence from an action, or just a trial that was meant to happen that will make you better than you were before. I have learned so much in my life, and certain hard events have made me that much stronger. (2 Nephi 2:2)  I also learned that fasting really does make you more sensitive to the Spirit, and that I love the people in Recreo so much! We had ward conference, which was huge, and me and Hna Hanks and Leo sang a couple special numbers from the primary hymn book which really brought the spirit and people loved it.
I am SO grateful for my family and i am so glad that I get to live with them forever! 
I love you guys! All of you!
Enjoy your week. Hasta lunes!
Hermana Amy Schrader

The end of July?!?!?! No way.

Hey fam and friends!
Whats up?! 
This has been a great week! And its the end of July!!! This is crazy. Cambios (transfers) are soon! August 14th... Anyone got any predictions? Everyone here in Recreo says that Hna Hanks is leaving Recreo and Ill be here. Some say that we are both leaving, and there are rumors that we will both stay again. So! We shall see...
Last Monday we had a zone activity in Con Con! And it was super fun. We all had pizza and played some frisbee and a little bit of basketball. Me and Hna Hanks tore it up! We also did an activity too where we wrote a letter to our future selves, that we can only open on the plane ride home. Crazy.
THis week we got a free colectivo ride! A colectivo passed by when we were at the top of a crazy hill and the driver said, "Going down? Hop in!" So we did. No charge. He said when we got out at the bottom of the hill, "Just a little something for the Lord." With a smile. 
This week I heard Michael Jackson's PYT in the OK Market...  :) It was awesome!
I ate some fried fish eggs at a member's house... to tell the truth, they actually weren't that bad... but Im never eating them again here in Chile unless they force me to, cuz it just seems super sketch. The guys who sell fish walk around with a shopping cart with fish in it. Yeah. So... sketchy.
But we did have super delicious sopaipillas from two members this week! Everyone here makes them when it rains! Ima make some when I get back to the States cuz sopaipillas are delicious. 
There was a suicide this week in an apartment complex close to the Plaza Recreo... an older guy with depression threw himself off the 9th floor. So sad. :(  Poor guy. 
Hmmm we had a really good lunch this week of Italian food. So delicious! And afterward we walked around the members house while she showed us her paintings. ANd now I really wanna paint and draw! 
My boots are worse than ever, theyre literally torn apart. And I love them. Leo's mom, Hna Sonia, said shed take them to a shoe fixer dude, but she came back and said it was impossible to fix them. :( I was so sad! It was at this moment that Leo suggested I read Matthew 6:24. What a punk. :)
We had intercambios this week! I stayed here in Recreo, and Hermana Pereira came from Reñaca! It was really cool for her cuz this was her first sector in the mission! She knows all our investigators and recent converts, and the whole ward! 
Hermana Hanks went to Reñaca with Hermana Calderón. 
When intercambios were over, we found new investigators! It was super cool! We are teaching a lot of younger people right now. One guys name is Felix, whos 21ish and a pro soccer player. And hes awesome! And we are also teaching a 26 year old Engineer named Ricardo. AND a young mom with 4 kids and a husband! WOOHOO! That last lady we found, Carolina, is super awesome. We just randomly knocked on her door and asked if we could share a message about Christ, and she said, "Yup, come on in!" She told us that she usually doesnt let any missionary people in cuz shes always busy, but her mom is now in the hospital with cancer and she really needs the faith in her life right now. So we taught her. :) And more to come!!!!
Everyone, look in the May 2013 Liahona, the General Conference issue, and go to page 69. The young dude and his dad in that picture are from Viña!!! They said they tried so many different ways to get their photos in the Liahona, and they finally took just one of him and his dad, and they put it in the Liahona right away. :) Yay CHileans!
We had a bit of a run in with some drunk guys. Mom! Dont worry! :) There were people around and we were all good. But they were kinda blocking an entryway to the street, and we had to pass through. So we just went straight through them, looked em all in the eyes and said hi. One of them asked if he could confess to me, and I was just like, "Confess to God, brotha, not me." And when we walked away, they gave us a standing ovation. It was super weird! Haha but really funny.
Hermana Hanks had a funny experience with a hot water bottle. She was trying to take the lid off of a scalding hot bottle and it exploded into a million pieces, with hot water spraying everywhere. I was fortunate enough to witness it! It was cool because the water and glass went ALL over the kictchen, but not a single drop or piece hit us. Super coolness.
I saw on tv at a members house that the pope came to visit all the youth of South America. As I was watching, I thought, Thats pretty cool! Its cool to see all those youth lined up to meet the pope, all of them cheering and waving. The pope seems like a good guy. But then I thought of how it is when the Prophet comes to see the youth. The picture in my head was completely the opposite, but a million times more powerful. I thought of when President Monson came to a BYU devotional last year or so. The Marriott Center was PACKED with students excitedly chattering about the Prophet, and when President Monson walked in the room, all 70,000 or whatever amount of people went silent, and got to their feet, and watched him walk in. You could hear a pin drop, but more than that, you could feel the power of the Prophet. He brings such a sweet spirit and power, and the youth knew it, and could feel it, and respected it. So as you can see, the reactions were completely opposite, but you can definitely tell when it is a prophet of God. 
I know Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God! And I am so grateful for his guidance and love.
And I love you guys! All of you! Listen to the prophet, because he is a man of God.
Enjoy your week!  Miss you!
Hermana Amy Schrader
P.S. One of those photos is a pic of our Relief Society this sunday. Sometimes it has a lot more people but sometimes its just like this. :) Welcome to Chile!

Interviews with Pres

Hello everyone!
How are you all?
This was a crazy insane week! I loved it!
Last P-Day, I met Cristian! In person for the first time. It was crazy! We have been friends for 4 years and we finally met. His sister Evelyn came with him, all the way from Copiapó, which is like 11 hours! It was fun, we went to the church in Recreo, played some basketball, toured the church, and got some empanadas! They are so awesome and it was super duper cool to see a friend! Something was familiar in this world of unfamiliarness. (I dont think thats a word but whatevs).
So yeah! that was a great start off to my week. Then on Tuesday, we did some more service for Hermano Ravé, and me and Hna Hanks mixed cement! We are legit!!! I dont think Chileans have ever seen a girl with a shovel, but I think they were entertained. Haha. There may be pics of this on Facebook...maybe Milo put some up. But it was super fun and it was crazy hot outside! And then we were running to have lunch with a member, and then we saw this old lady with a super heavy bag. So we stopped and said, Do you need any help? And she smiled right away and said, "Yes. I think the big guy upstairs sent you guys." And we were like, "Oh, we're sure He has." :) We carried her bag all the way up to her 7th floor apartment and then spent like half an hour listening to her stories and looking at family pictures...Oh Chileans. :)
We had zone conference in Con Con this Wednesday! We got there super early and it was absolutely freezing! Con Con is this city in north Viña thats super high up, its like right on a cliff. So going up there on the micro was sweet! Its just a view of the cliff, the ocean, and huge deathly waves! We were entertained. 
We also went to the PDI (FBI) and got a certificate for me to get a Chilean ID card. And then we also went to the Registro Civil to get the picture taken and fingerprints stamped, and that was fun. And also some guy while we were waiting in line (its like the DMV) a guy had a hard attack! There were all these medics and doctors and stuff and it was crazy.
We had a really good completo this week in Viña. I am impressed!
The interview with President was super good. He and his assistants and the pensionero came to our apartment in Recreo, and our interview was in one of our rooms...its was crazy! The interview was awesome though. President has a way of just calming you down and telling you everythings going to be ok. He told me he was proud of us and that we were doing well, and he could tell that we were working hard. :) At the end, he asked me if there was anything i needed from him, and i said, "Just keep putting your trust in us." And he said, "You hermanas have ALL my trust and you always will. Keep enjoying the mission and doing your best!":) With his big smile and blue eyes.
We met a couple crazy ladies this week...but thats not really news, we meet tons of crazy ladies every week. Come to think of it, crazy people all around! There really are too many of those here. One day at lunchtime we were walking past a bus stop and some old drunk guy was muttering after us saying we are pretty gringas and blah blah blah. Usually we just say thanks, bye, and walk away, but this time we lost it. We burst out laughing and could not help it. There was a friend nearby, a lady from the internet place, that was laughing too, and she just motioned at us to walk away. hahaha. So we did, as he kept muttering after us. Pure entertainment, people.
We taught Javier, and that was awesome! I really feel like I am getting good at teaching people according to their needs. I definitely need to get better at lots of thiings, but at least I am getting better. :)
This week we had a total Star Wars ewok moment. We were going down to this valley/ditch/country land thing at the bottom of Recreo, because we knew a menos activo lived down there. So we go down the hill, not sure of anything, and then at the bottom, we see this crazy dog being restrained by a little girl, and then a little shack with 5 other little kids, and theyre all telling us to come down, dont worry, weve got the dog chained up! So we go down there and they usher us into their little shack , where theres this bonfire in a can and walls of wood and metal...and the little kids take us to their mother/aunt/whatever and she tells us that the girl we are looking for lives over the hill, and that Cony, her daughter will take us to her. So we follow Cony through this maze...over a hill and through some dirt and trees, and then up a hill, around a bend, and bam, theres another little hidden shack there. We found the menos activo! Haha.
We visited Blanca this week, who is the adorable 90 year old Chilena with white hair and Alzhiemers. She is the cutest little thing! She just stares at us while her daughter chats with us, and when theres silence, she says, "Come around here when you want to! We will have food ready for you, and then I can just sit and look at you two. Preciosas! Lindas! And if you dont come, I will go look for you and bring you here!" Haha. May sound a little creepy but its really not. She is sooo adorable. I got a pic with her and her daughter Irma! I attached it to this email. 
Yesterday me and Hermana Hanks learned that Chile means "the end of the world". How cool is that?! 
Milo was watching the Catching Fire trailer when were at their house for lunch, and I caught a glimpse - it looks SO COOL! So everybody go see it. :) In November.
Me and Hna Hanks have had a lot of fun this week. We tend to talk in super horrible gringa accents when we are in the apartment, on purpose, and sometimes we even start this dramatic, sarcastic yelling at each other. Which is super hilarious and I will have to record it sometime. Seriously, we have so much fun together!
But other than all the fun crazy stories, I really am learning a ton!
I feel like I am still the same person, but just like...a better version. My love for the scriptures and for this gospel has grown insanely. I never thought Id believe in the gospel more than i did, but I definitely do. The world out there really is a fight between good and evil. The cool thing is that we dont have to wonder who is going to win out in the end. Good will win! And Satan will be bound. :) Man, I cant wait for that day. Its obvious that since we already know which team will win, why dont we play for the winning one? Why the heck would we play for the one we know is gonna lose?
Stay strong people! Do your best and preach the gospel!
I love you all so much and I will talk to you next week!
Hermana Amy Schrader


Hello family and friends!
Happy 17th birthday Camille! I love you!
Avery - Happy Belated Birthday! I love you!
If theres any other birthdays I missed, Im sorry! I love you too!
This was a great week!
Today I become Chilean! Haha I get my passport back. 
I heard some Britney Spears and NSYNC on the radio at the corner store! Made my day!
I took some Sith Lord pics one night with Hna Hanks. :)
The weather here has been VERY warm and summery, even though we are in the dead of winter!
Alejandro, our recent convert, is awesome. He comes to church every week, passes the sacrament, sits by me, and is just adorable! I love him!
On Saturday, us misioneras and the Priesthood members did some service for Hermano Ravé, a half paralyzed man in our ward. We dug holes to build a handrail by his house! It was so fun, cuz we got to wear regular clothes and we got to have some dirt fights with Milo! AND Alejandro came to help! And he and Hno Ravé are now friends!
We taught Nancy and Evelyn this week, and it was so much fun. I love them! THey are such sweet little old ladies. ME and Hermana Hanks have decided that we go for the sweet little old ladies. They are always our investigators, and i love teaching them!
I gave a talk this Sunday, and they LOVED IT!
It was on conversion and I translated my dads conversion story into Spanish and told the entire thing in my talk. I was told by people afterward, "Please share that with every ward you go to!" "Your dads story really inspired me." "Can I have a copy of your dads conversion story?" "You have super good Spanish!" and "That was a "hermoso" talk!"
So, lets just say it was a hit. And I liked doing it....weird right?! haha.
IT was such a fun week! And we are livin it up here in Recreo. Pics to come next week hopefully!
Enjoy the summer there!
Miss you!
Hermana Schrader

Happy 4th of July!!!

Hello family and friends :)
Happy 4th of July!
I hope you all did something awesome and enjoyed fireworks and summer and whatever else. :)
Lucky you guys! That holiday doesnt exist here, of course, but me and Hna Hanks still made of it what we could! We dressed in red white and blue, and for our studies we sang the Star Spangled Banner and My Country Tis of Thee. :)
We went to lunch that day with some of our favorite members, and they got on their laptop and played the Star Spangled Banner on their speakers! It was awesome!!!!!
Plus, after that, they played us some awesome classical music, all John Williams! Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, etc. It was heaven. :)
Oh by the way! CAMBIOS was this week! And we didnt change at all. Me and Hermana Hanks are staying here in Recreo, Viña del Mar for at least 6 more weeks! Next cambio is August 14th, so Ill be here at least til then! We are psyched to be here for another change, we love it. :)
Well I got bit by a dog this week! Which was a very strange mistake on my part. Usually i am the dog charmer, and all the dogs let me pet them and come up to me when normally they bark and bite and growl to others. I am the dog charmer! But this week I got bit by one because I hadnt charmed him yet. I was charming his little friend when he came up and bit my hand. But no worries i dont have rabies.
Yin & Yang, the best dogs in Chile, have accompanied me and Hna Hanks every time we pass by the church. They walked us home the other night, and when we shut the gate, they whined and cried as they watched us walk up the steps! I love them.
I got to see an investigator from my other area in Viña last Monday! Caroline! I love her! We went to Líder (Walmart) together and got some ice cream. :) (ice cream here is lame btw, its practically foam.)
Oh! Francisco, an investigator that me and Hna Garcia taught back in Quilpué, got baptized! I found out from Hermana Garcia!!!! And I taught him! Its so awesome.

Storytime: This week we contacted a guy straight from hell. Maybe a little harsh, but seriously. Name of Gonzalo. He was cunning and smart, just like Zeezrom, and if you really want to know what me and Hna Hanks were thinking during the entire hour and a half contact, read the following scriptures: Alma 11:23, 2 Nephi 33:14, and Alma 42:27.
He wouldnt let us talk or bear our testimonies at all, and kept making arguments that might have confused other people. He made fun of Hermana Hanks's Spanish and treated her like she didnt know anything, which made me mad. BUT we didnt let it get to us. We were pleasant and when we had a couple chances, we said whatever truth and testimony that came to our mind. Although this encounter might have shaken someone else, NOT SO for me and Hna Hanks!!!! We were literally steadfast and immovable, and there was absolutely nothing that he could say that could make us falter. Trying to make someone understand the truth is so much easier when it really is the truth. And I am happy and proud to know that this is the truth, and there is no other. Can't touch this!!!!
We left him after that to wallow in his ignorance, but we were nice. It really made us feel like we were on top of the world. :)

It rained this week! We were taken in by some member and menos activos and given hot chocolate and sopaipillas and cookies. :)
We taught Milena this week and she prayed in front of us! Woohoo! We also taught a little old lady named Evelyn, who absolutely will not accept visits from Testigos de Jehová (Jehovahs Witness) or Evangelicals. But whenever the Mormon missionaries come around, she has a smile and an open door. :) Lovely little lady.
Today something exciting happened! I was literally enveloped in flames ... from a flamethrower! Ok, it wasnt a flamethrower, but seriously it was the same effect. It was our gas powered water heater in the kitchen. It had turned off right before I got into the shower, so I went to light it again, and WHABAM. It singed the entire left side of my body. Haha. But no worries, it wasnt so bad, and the cloud of flames only lasted for less than a second! I am fine! Stupid flamethrower.
If any of you get a chance (or if any of you wanna make time for the scriptures ;) read Alma 42! If you know what its about and evreything, read it again! It sounds like it is coming right from the mouth of Dallin H. Oaks. Very lawyery. :) And so powerful!
I love it.
I have to give a talk next Sunday! Which is Camilles birthday! Happy Birthday Camille! I have a present for you but you will get it next June. :)
I love you all! Enjoy the summer, and enjoy your week!
Hermana Amy Schrader


Hello everyone!
So this week was a roller coaster. Lots of ups and downs! Good thing the ups always win out. :) Who cares about the downs.
First of all, I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jenna, Ashley, and Cameron! Hope you all had the best birthdays ever! Love you guys!
So this week...what happened. Well we have a couple new snakes. One is Italian and calls us every day... we just dont answer.
Another one is really nice, and works at the bread store. He was driving around on his motorcycle last night, and stopped to talk to us, and I didnt know who he was, and then he was like, "Its Max! Franciscas brother!" And we were like ohhh! And I made the mistake of telling him that I liked his motorcycle. To which he responded, "In 3 weeks I dont have work, you can come take a ride on it then!" Haha....right. Sure. Not.
We taught Milena this week! She is AWESOME. We watched the Restoration and she told us that she believes it all, and she said that whenever we teach her, she feels like its true. Shes golden! She came to the activity this weekend and got along super well with the members. :)
We taught Alejandro this week, and he passed the sacrament yesterday! we were Oh so proud. He also said that he thinks of us as his daughters, "hijas mías". He is just the adorablest old man.
I have encountered a couple crazy people this week, including someone who wouldnt stop talking about some ugly king once who bought a young wife and fed the orphans...
I talked to this little girl who was a really really horrible liar and said that her dad didnt live there anymore, even tho we saw him earlier. Hahaha. Oh kids.
We taught someone named Javier, and during Once, he played us Bohemian Rhapsody on his phone! Uh....awesome! I miss Queen.
The Chileans had voting for Primaries yesterday and the Socialist party won. So thats fun.
We met with an inactive lady yesterday, who was baptized like 5 years ago and stopped coming after she was baptized. She has forgotten everything about the gospel, and mentioned something about polygamy, something about her still saying the Our Father prayer every night (what the heck?!) and asking us to be careful outside, and to pray to Joseph Smith for protection.... yeah. We had a lot of things to talk to her about. She obviously doesnt remember anything about her own religion. Crazy!
We had intercambios this week! Which is exchanges. I went to Reñaca (which means deep water in the native tongue) with Hermana Pereira from Paraguay! It was so cool...Reñaca is gorgeous. Huge waves and lots of pretty beaches and green plants and palm trees everywhere! And whats even better is that I learned SO MUCH From her. I enjoyed it immensely and feel better prepared to continue on with my mission. :) Before we were feeling a little ... inferior, like no one believed in us, especially our district leader... so this was a step in the right direction, and it shouldnt matter to us any of that, just that all of you believe in us! And we believe in us! And God believes in us. Thats all that matters.
One of the lowest points of this week was when we went back to teach Daniel and Gabriela. Their mom was super anti mormon and pretty much yelled at us and kicked us outta the house. But at least the little girl was a sweetheart. I hope she gets another chance at the truth someday.
We left the house about to cry, and super depressed...but we realized that everything would be ok! And we shouldnt worry about that. And the rest of the night was awesome. Whenever we encounter people like that, we walk away, and once we are out of earshot, "Your spiritual funeral."
Haha keeps us happy and upbeat and going! Its awesome!
We had no food this week.
We had a couple pigeons sit by our window for a couple days, we are pretty sure they were the 3 Nephites in pigeon form. JK. broma. broma. But they were cute.
I love the Book of Mormon! I love Chile! I love America more but hey thats a given.
Happy Fourth of July everyone! Enjoy America. :)
And have a great week! Share the gospel with everyone! ITs the most important thing in this life and the life to come!
Hermana Amy Schrader

Mission Broadcast!!!

Hello family and friends!
This week had its ups and downs but we are hoping this coming week will be awesome!
Last P Day we went to the feria (street market) along the beach, kinda like a boardwalk! We got some cool souvenirs and stuff and at the end they had churros filled with manjar and strawberry slushies! It was awesome!
This week we visited a member named Irma and her old mother with Alzheimer's, Blanca. We sang with them and shared a scripture, and Blanca just kept saying every 5 minutes, "You two are so pretty! You can come back anytime. Come back soon! Dont make me go and find you!" Haha she is adorable.
ITs funny, every time we meet someone who's not so nice after a contact, we just continue walking along, with a smile on our faces, and say, "Well she was nice." :) It helps lighten our spirits and keep us upbeat.
Oh guess what!!!! Somebody thought I was Chilean the other day. They were so surprised when they heard I was from Colorado. Isnt that awesome?!
I love it here when we go knocking out doors, and a lot of people are like "What do you want? Go away." But then there are always the select few (HP quote) that immediately come outside with the keys to the gate and before we can even say anything, they say, " Come in!" Its awesome.
We are teaching Hermana Sonia english!!! She is the most adorable little ewok. Seriously our little Chilean mother.
By the way, I hit my 6 month mark this past Wednesday! Which means that Justyna just hit her year mark...insane!
I finished reading the Book of Mormon! I have never read it with so much excitement and love before. The Book of Mormon is amazing and I cant wait to read it again. If there is any of you out there who havent read it, READ IT! It will change your life.
Oh! So fun story. I got super sick this week! (Hermana Hanks too) I couldnt even leave the apartment for 2 whole days cuz I was literally dying in my bed. I was coughing and weezing (Pokemon anyone?) and trying to sleep, but I couldnt even breathe. After church on Sunday, though, Milo and one of our ward missionaries, Pablo, gave me and Hermana Hanks a blessing. Lemme tell you, the Priesthood is awesome! And I am so grateful for it. Because that afternoon I felt LOADS better. And I know it was because of the blessing. Wow. I am so impressed.
While I was sick tho, we visited this old man named Hermano Ravé, and while Hermana Hanks and the member that came with us was cleaning his kitchen, I swept the floor and fixed his DVD player and put on some spanish hymns for everyone to listen to. After that I sat on the couch, and fell asleep to the sound of Hermano Ravé trying to sing with the music (so adorable!). I love that guy. Hes the cutest little old man ever.
We visited a menos activo (less active) name Alejandra, and her husband is super against our church, so we were going down the hill to visit her, and we see her husband leaving through the gate, so Hermana Hanks turns around and says, "Go go go!" So we turn around and sprint back up the hill and wait for the husband to leave. 10 minutes later we visit Alejandra and she was so happy to see us. :) I loved it.
We have 2 new investigators! Daniel and Gabriela!
I had my first piece of sushi this week! It was delicious. I am a fan.
WE have a new zone leader from Colorado, Elder Powner, who I have met before in Quilpué. Hes awesome! Our old zone leader got moved up to assistant! crazy.
SO yesterday, if you didnt know, there was a worldwide mission broadcast from Provo! Elder Holland and Nelson and a bunch of others spoke! They announced some new changes to the mission life. Coming soon, we will ALL be using facebook and other internet sites, and TEXTING to preach the gospel. HECK YES. Thats what Im talking about. Everyone was saying at the conference how just knocking on doors really doesnt work as well as it used to, and that theres a better way! This is fantastic news for a tech person like me. :)
They are also opening church buildings for guided tours to anyone who wants to come. ALL OVER THE WORLD!
So the work is going forth people. This gospel is true, the only true gospel! And its going forth and theres no one and no thing that can stop it. :)
Bring it on!
My mission goal is, that when Im on the airplane home, I can look back at my time in Chile and in the MTC and say, "That was the best experience of my life."
HAve a great week everyone! I love you all!
Miss you!
Hermana Amy Schrader


Happy Fathers Day to all you dads out there. Youre the best. And a special shoutout to my dad, who is the best dad EVER. My favorite most recent memories with him are playing football, working with our computers and entertainment system, watching football and basketball, driving in my truck listening to some of my dads radio favorites (one of which does include What Makes You Beautiful by OneD, believe it or not) and all his oldies, dirt biking, and so much more! Good memories. My dad is such a good example for me and is such a true disciple of Christ! I am so very blessed to have him as my dad. Hes mine! Dad, I hope you had the best Fathers Day ever and I love you! So much!
So Alejandro got confirmed yesterday! It was awesome! On the down side, Milena and Oriana did not come to church, but we aint never givin up.
This week Chile played Bolivia in soccer! I was out walking the streets and working of course, but every time Chile scored a goal, I could hear cheers and whistles and "GOLLLL!!!" coming from every house and apartment in the vicinity. So that was pretty cool to hear. ;)
I am in love with Chile! I am enchanted by its hills and coast and secret passageways, with twisty lanes and secret dirt roads that lead to gorgeous ocean views. I love colectivos and palm trees and micros and just the people here! They may talk my ear off constantly but theyre awesome.
This week we had a conference of zones! We got to watch some awesome videos, including the 80s  Armor of God video! That was exciting. We got a new missionary tool, all the pamphlets in a little booklet for us missionaries. Theyre also making a DVD with a collection of videos for each lesson, coming soon. :)
This week we had a SocSoc activity (Relief Society) for Fathers Day where we had dinner and listened to some oldies music! Ah it was so much fun. It was also Leo's birthday this week! We went to their house for lunch and they made us Colombian food! Beans and rice and meat and arepas and avocado and fried plátano and chicharrones and yeah. It was really good. Except I dont know how I feel about chicharrones. Hm... anyway.
Me and Hna Hanks have decided that member meals take away free agency. We dont get to choose what or how much we eat. Im pretty sure thats Satans plan! Nah jk the members are so nice for feeding us and giving us what they have and its usually very delicious! I just wish they didnt feed us so much cuz I cant eat it all! Haha.
We watched Together Forever this week, and its a really good 80s/90s church movie. Apart from the music, Im a fan. :)
Although we had a couple lame days this week, we have had some good days. And when times are down, we take the advice from one wise Remus Lupin and go buy some chocolate. It doesnt just make you feel better after a dementor attack, but it really does make you happier! Proven fact.
This week I read probably the coolest chapter in the Book of Mormon. Mormon chapter 8. I practically highlighted the entire chapter. And I reread it over and over again! Every time Moroni is speaking, I just think, this is the same guy who appeared to Joseph Smith! THe same guy who's on top of every temple! This guy is impressive. He has so much power and wisdom in his words! I felt like...after that...I just felt like I understood some things in life so much more, and what this life is all about... I am so grateful for the Lord's prophets! They are inspiring.
I know that the Book of Mormon is true and it is the best! Hna Hanks and I get into such in depth, fanatic discussions about it, and its awesome. We are big fans of the Book of Mormon. :)
Well! I guess until next Wednesday, people! Enjoy the summer weather there while I freeze!
I love you all and thanks for your support every day. :)
Hermanita Amy Schrader