Sunday, January 12, 2014


Hey everyone!
Milsy got baptized!!!!!!!!! It was one of the best days of my mission, for multiple reasons! For one, I love dashing around the chapel to get everything ready. Like, I dont know why, but I love it. The water heater upstairs kept turning off every 10 minutes, so we were constantly going upstairs and downstairs! We ended up having to fill the font with cold water (poor Milsy!) but it turned out great. While we were running up and down the stairs, guess who appeared in the hallway! JAVIER! From Recreo! My uncle, the investigator. He is moving to the south of Chile and wanted to say goodbye forever before he moved. It was amazing to see him! I love that guy! And for the first time ever, he actually went into the chapel and listened to the talks! Ive been trying to get him to do that for the 6 months that I was in Recreo! I guess all I had to do was move. haha.
But anyway, me and Hna Oliva sang a special number for Milsy's baptism, a song called Feliz por siempre. It was perfect for Milsy. We sang it right to her and she knew it. She kept looking at us and smiling, with tears in her eyes. I love that girl! She was so nervous for her baptism but later told us that the whole time she had the most incredible feeling. She said it was amazing. She said that she felt so happy and warm, even tho the water was cold! Her face when she came out of the water to give us a hug, was the happiest face ever. Her face looked different! It was glowing! It was so cool. And another cool thing happened. She got confirmed right after she was baptized! That almost never happens with investigators, but the bishopric felt it needed to be done, and Milsy's dad got to help with the confirmation! And THIS SATURDAY she is going with the ward to the temple to do baptisms! Incredible or what? I think so. :)
What else happened....oh I passed my 11 month mark on Tuesday! Almost one whole year in the mission...I can hardly believe it.
I had a million prayers answered this week and I KNOW without a doubt that Heavenly Father listens to us and answers us. A lot of times the answers arent what we expect, but they are answers that will always be for our good!
We have a new investigator named Felipe whos like a hard metal rocker...but one of the most receptive investigators ive ever had. He was so happy and grateful when we gave him a Book of Mormon. He covered his mouth with his hands and looked at us, and said, "Are you serious? For free?" And we laughed and just handed it to him. :) Of course!
The night of the baptism yesterday, we went to have Once with the Silva Gallegos family (Milsy's family) and taught about temples and family history work. The dad is leaving tomorrow for 4 months! he is a sea captain and wont be back til April. But we had a conversation that was amazing and was another answer to my prayers. The parents of that family, and the rest of the family too, is sooo grateful for the missionaries. For the ones that taught them, and us, the ones that taught the whole family. I told them how lucky I felt that I got to be a part of this miracle, and they looked at me and said, "It wasn't luck. It had to be you." I know that it had to be me and Hna Oliva. It couldve been done by other missionaries of course, but for some reason it had to be us! :) I am so grateful for this chance I get to see miracles.
Man. I love the mission. Its the hardest thing Ive ever done. But it sure it worth it.
Have a Happy THanksgiving everyone! Enjoy your blessings! You all have lots!
LOVE YOU ALL! You are all a blessing for me. THank you!
Hermana Amy Schrader

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