Sunday, January 12, 2014

No Thanksgiving Here

Hey everyone!
Hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving doesnt exist here so we did pretty much nothing for it! We just bought a little pastry and halved it at night. haha. But I did give thanks for all my blessings! And I have so much to be grateful for! My family and friends, the gospel, my mission, um this list is gonna be way too long so ima stop there.
But anyway, last P-Day we had a district activity and got to watch the Best 2 Years! Its so much funnier when youre on a misson! I love that movie.
Congratulations to Camille for getting into Wind Symphony!
We had Intercambios this week and guess where I went?! PLACILLA! I saw all my old friends and the members, and the security guard of my apartment! It was awesome! We stopped by the chapel for a bit, and we walked into the room of the YW who were having mutual and right when we opened the door, all of them ran toward me and gave me a hug, squealing! It was beautiful!
Back to Miramar - we helped a less active decorate for Christmas! Well....I did. I was the only one tall enough to reach the tree and the ceiling. But it was super fun! Even though they made comments like, "Hey Get the ladder! Oh wait, shes right here!"
We set a baptismal date with Leticia! For December 15th! Woohoo! All thanks to the member that came with us to the lesson. So grateful for her! Leticia didnt want to get baptized but we all bore our testimonies and she must have felt something, because she asked to be baptized this Sunday! Miracle! But we told her we'd have to help her prepare! So she came to church yesterday, ready adn waiting for us. Shes awesome!
Im having a great time and learning lots! My life is being changed one day at a time and I love it! Dont worry, Im not gonna come back a different person. Ill just come back as a better version of me!
Sorry I dont have much time to write today, but it's going to be an amazing week.
I love this area!
Hermana Amy SChrader

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