Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy New Year! Feliz Año Nuevo!

I hope you all had the best Christmas ever! Happy New YEar! 
I got to talk to my family on Christmas and it was the best Christmas present ever! Man, I have th best family in the world. :)
ON Christmas eve we had dinner with a family - turkey and music and eggnog and empanadas and alfajores. Loved it!
All day Chrsitmas Eve and Christmas we were running from house to house sharing the story of Christs birth and singing Christmas carols! Its was really quite lovely to help people feel the Christmas spirit adn see them smile.
Chile was hopping at night on Christmas eve! apparently Santa comes at midnight, and everyone opens presents right then! There was music and lights and dancing. It was pretty cool.
My comps birthday is the day after Christmas, so she got extra presents! haha so that was fun.
Its been really hot here lately!  love it.
A super inactive came to church! Milsy's grandma! She came! She was soooo happy to be there. Our prayers were answered and we love that family so much!
We had a big huge spiritual lesson with all the recent converts this week. We watched a video and sang and talked and shared our testimonies. It was lovely.
We have some new investigators (13 this week!), including a Jehovahs Witness. She is adorable. One of the investigators is a Catholic named Marcela, and she is amazing! she is also absolutely in love with the USA, which is cool cuz most of the time i just hear how much people dont like it. So it was really fun listening to her and how much she wants to visit and stuff.
This week is New YEARS!! We are gonna have dinner with an investigator family - Solis-Castro - and then go to our pension at 11 to watch the fireworks from our roof! So excited!
Anyway, the quote i have for this week is from Elder Uchtdorf, which can be compared with Moses chapter 1. "Compared to God, man is nothing. Yet we are everything to God."
It is so true. I know God loves me - I am His princess. And He loves all of you too. You are His princes and princesses. Remember that! :)
LOVE YOU ALL! Miss you!
HErmana Amy Schrader

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