Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy November! And Halloween!

Hey everyone!
Happy Halloween! Halloween barely exists here. That holiday just started less than 5 years ago here - thats what i heard. The Chileans call themselves copycats cuz they copycat other countries! Haha so i guess the get the best of all worlds!
For Halloween the most I did was switch plaques with my comp. So I was Hna Paicely for the day. Halloween on a mission doesnt get any better than that! Haha well, we did have an FHE with an investigator and we got to answer the door and hand out candy to little trick or treaters. So that was fun. :)
CAMBIOS ARE WEDNESDAY! This Wednesday, the 6th. I really really want to stay for at least one more cambio but I love Recreo! But I have been here for 6 months, so we will see. I especially love our district this cambio - we have so much fun together.
We taught Ricardo this week, the wife of the RS Pres. He really opened up to us and I want him to be happy so bad... he is such a good person. We are going to keep helping him.
One day we were sitting on a garden wall writing a note to the house we were next to - an investigator - and a lady just came up to us and started talking us! I find that happens a lot here in CHile... if you want contacts, just have a seat and watch em come! But yeah, she was practically golden and was so excited when we gave her a Book of Mormon. I really wanted to teach her, but it turns out she lives in Valpo! So we passed the reference on. But the cool part is that she had accidentally gone down the wrong road to find a house, and thats when she met up with us! As we said goodbye, she said, "You know what they say, everything happens for a reason, and God must've had a reason for me to go up the wrong street!" Pure gold.
Guess what. ONE DIRECTION is in Chile!!!! Or will be soon...Im not sure. Everyones talking about it! Haha I love them.
Let's see, what else happened...
We helped Milo with his costume for an Institute Halloween party. He looked disgusting as a mummy. 
I heard Bye Bye Bye by NSYNC in the Ok Market! Man, that place is a goldmine.
Abuelita Martita, my favorite less active, has now stopped smoking and seems so much happier! I love her so much, and she has so much potential!
A hippie dude named Fabian, with a Jesus hairstyle and beard, came to church! We had contacted him once in the plaza and he came! He likes to argue but all the members were just super nice to him, and i think he wants to come back! We will see.
During the 3rd hour of church, we met up with bishop on the way to the bathroom. And we stayed out in the hall listening to his mission stories for the rest of the hour! He served in Osorno (just like Ashley!) and loved it!
I ate some weird seafood yesterday - called macha. Theyre like mollusks or something. Not too bad tho.
We met an old guy named Juan whose wife was a member before she passed away. And after chatting a while outside his house, he told us that he loved us like daughters. Ah I love viejitos!
I got proposed to! By a drunk guy on the street! The proposal of my dreams. 
We almost died because Satanás, the vicious, vicious dog down in the quebrada, lunged at us and broke his chain leash! We wouldve died if I didnt swat at him with my Book of Mormon. Man, the Book of Mormon really does have the answers to everything.
I said a goodbye this week to Javier, my adopted uncle. He is going south to work in Talca. But he said (and I dont mean to brag!) that after years and years of seeing missionaries come and go, when I came, it was different. He said it was just so easy, so fluid, so calm. There was no pressure, just invitations - cuz thats our purpose, to invite other to come unto Christ. He said it was completely different from any experience he's had with missionaries. He felt the love and care. It really meant a lot to hear him say that. :) I hope that I can make all the other people I meet feel the same way. :)
This week I've been thinking a lot about the promised blessings I have received on the mission, and in my life. I like this quote by Eyring: "Almost everything that I've been able to accomplish is because individuals who knew me saw things in me that I couldn't see." And then, "Every person is different and has a different contribution to make. NO ONE is destined to fail." !!!  I know that's true. I testify that that's true! 
Have a great week everyone! And before you doubt your faith, doubt your doubts!
Love you all and miss you all!
Hermana Amy Schrader

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