Sunday, January 12, 2014

Back to Valparaíso!

Hello everyone!
Cambios happened. Transfers. I got transferred! I am now in a branch called Miramar, in the cerro (hill) of Playa Ancha, in Valparaíso. Playa Ancha is legitimately called the City of Wind - and I can't tell you how true that is. It whips my hair around and breaks it off and tangles it up! LAME. It is also a city full of hills! Up and down all day long. I swear, by the time i leave this sector, I'll have huge leg muscles and probably be bald. Ugh that sounds gross. lol JK that won't happen but I really do already love this sector! My new companion is from CHILE! Her name is Hermana Oliva, and she is from Concepción. She is a sweetheart. She has been in the mission for exactly 2 months!
The day before cambios, the assistants called to tell me that I would be training again - but not a super new hermana, I'll just be finishing the training of a 6-weeker. I can already tell that Im going to learn a lot from her, and I hope she can learn from me too! She is incredible!
The good thing about Playa Ancha is that you can still see the ocean!!! That made me so happy. I love living by the ocean. I definitely have to take some pics. :)
But anyway, leaving Recreo was super sad! I LOVE Recreo and I am going to miss it so much. I love the sector, the people, everything. I will miss the Rojas family and Hna Sonia and Leo and Milo and my comp Hermana Paicely. Ah I'll miss everything about that place! I can actually see Recreo from Playa Ancha. haha its cool.
Here in Miramar, our branch has 2 sets of missionaries, us, and a set of Elders. They are cool! This ward has been having lots of baptisms lately, so we are gonna continue with that trend! haha. One of Hna Oliva's converts is named Francisco, and hes like 26. He's super cool! And this Sunday, yesterday, he got the priesthood! And in two weeks he will baptize his best friend Patricio! SO COOL.
We have already seen miracles here. It's amazing. We talked to a little 7 year old in the street and she led us to her dad. Turns out he doesnt believe in God, and we asked him to pray to asks if he exists, and the little 7 year old said, "Dont worry, I will obligate him to pray. He exists daddy, and He made us! He made everything!" Oh, the faith of a child. It was so adorable.
We also taught a family named the Silva family. The parents are less actives and the mom is an RM. Theyve been inactive for 12 years! And they just started coming back. We went to teach them, because their 2 kids aren't members! And we talked a long time with the son and the mom, and then the mom started to sob into the son's shoulder and said, "I taught so many people and helped them to believe, and I couldn't do it with my own kids!" Poor girl. We are helping them a lot. Their daughter, Milsi, is ready for baptism but wants her dad to do it before he leaves on his 4 month trip. We will see what happens!
But anyway, that's the news of this week! I am learning so much! This is fantastic. Super difficult, but fantastic. I have never experienced anything as hard as a mission in this life, but I can't tell you how much I've grown and learned. I look forward to learning even more. :)
Until next week! Enjoy!
Hermana Amy Schrader

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