Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas is Coming!

Hey everyone!
Its been a crazy week! Lots of running around Playa Ancha, and lots of wind. But I love this area. I am learning so much!
I have less than 6 months left in the mission - time goes so fast! Sometimes it feels like its so slow, but for the most part - it goes fast! And it goes fast when you're having fun and learning! Let me tell you - I am having fun AND learning. A lot. I heard a quote in sacrament meeting yesterday that said, "Progress is a sign of true repentance." Every week we try to be a little better, and progress is all I see. :)
BUT Leticia didnt come to church. :(  We will have to move her baptismal date or talk to President. We shall see!
But it was cool that one of our investigators went to Antofagasta and got baptized there by her son! So it was great to have her back home and see how much her face glows now. She is a new person! Its incredible. :) Her name is Dina.
We had a birthday party-family home evening-lesson with Francisco and Patricio, the new converts! It was so fun! And they even came with us to visit a less active. :)
Cambios are next Wednesday, the 18th - I think we will both stay, but we shall see!
Tomorrow we have a Christmas Multiple Zone Conference in Avenida Argentina, Valpo... we get to sing a Christmas song as a zone and have a white elephant party! A member of the area 70 is coming, I think, so that will be cool! I look forward to it!
We had FHE this week with the Silva family, and we watched the Other Side of Heaven. They had never seen it! ANd they loved it! It got Milsy a little more excited about missionary work, which is the lesson that we taught. :)
WE taught a lady named Doris, who really needs the gospel and already loves it. We are gonna work more with her and see how it goes!
And today a cool thing happened - we found the nonmember father of a missionary in our ward! He is serving in Argentina and the whole ward has been writing letters to him! And we randomly found his dad on the micro today! We are gonna tell the Elders to visit him! Cuz he's not in our area. But it was so cool that we sat right next to him on the bus.
Christmas is coming, people! I hear Christmas music everywhere, and the trees are up, with blinking lights! Valparaíso is a Christmas tree itself - seeing the view of the hills from Playa Ancha, all lit up...its beautiful! But the weather is getting warmer...its super weird! haha
But anyway, I know that this Church is true with all my heart. All i want is for people to know that same thing, but it gives me a hope and a knowledge for the future. And I know that everything will be ok in the end when we are on the Lord's side.
Enjoy the preparations for Christmas!
I love you all!
Hermana Amy Schrader

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