Monday, September 9, 2013


Happy Fathers Day to all you dads out there. Youre the best. And a special shoutout to my dad, who is the best dad EVER. My favorite most recent memories with him are playing football, working with our computers and entertainment system, watching football and basketball, driving in my truck listening to some of my dads radio favorites (one of which does include What Makes You Beautiful by OneD, believe it or not) and all his oldies, dirt biking, and so much more! Good memories. My dad is such a good example for me and is such a true disciple of Christ! I am so very blessed to have him as my dad. Hes mine! Dad, I hope you had the best Fathers Day ever and I love you! So much!
So Alejandro got confirmed yesterday! It was awesome! On the down side, Milena and Oriana did not come to church, but we aint never givin up.
This week Chile played Bolivia in soccer! I was out walking the streets and working of course, but every time Chile scored a goal, I could hear cheers and whistles and "GOLLLL!!!" coming from every house and apartment in the vicinity. So that was pretty cool to hear. ;)
I am in love with Chile! I am enchanted by its hills and coast and secret passageways, with twisty lanes and secret dirt roads that lead to gorgeous ocean views. I love colectivos and palm trees and micros and just the people here! They may talk my ear off constantly but theyre awesome.
This week we had a conference of zones! We got to watch some awesome videos, including the 80s  Armor of God video! That was exciting. We got a new missionary tool, all the pamphlets in a little booklet for us missionaries. Theyre also making a DVD with a collection of videos for each lesson, coming soon. :)
This week we had a SocSoc activity (Relief Society) for Fathers Day where we had dinner and listened to some oldies music! Ah it was so much fun. It was also Leo's birthday this week! We went to their house for lunch and they made us Colombian food! Beans and rice and meat and arepas and avocado and fried plátano and chicharrones and yeah. It was really good. Except I dont know how I feel about chicharrones. Hm... anyway.
Me and Hna Hanks have decided that member meals take away free agency. We dont get to choose what or how much we eat. Im pretty sure thats Satans plan! Nah jk the members are so nice for feeding us and giving us what they have and its usually very delicious! I just wish they didnt feed us so much cuz I cant eat it all! Haha.
We watched Together Forever this week, and its a really good 80s/90s church movie. Apart from the music, Im a fan. :)
Although we had a couple lame days this week, we have had some good days. And when times are down, we take the advice from one wise Remus Lupin and go buy some chocolate. It doesnt just make you feel better after a dementor attack, but it really does make you happier! Proven fact.
This week I read probably the coolest chapter in the Book of Mormon. Mormon chapter 8. I practically highlighted the entire chapter. And I reread it over and over again! Every time Moroni is speaking, I just think, this is the same guy who appeared to Joseph Smith! THe same guy who's on top of every temple! This guy is impressive. He has so much power and wisdom in his words! I felt like...after that...I just felt like I understood some things in life so much more, and what this life is all about... I am so grateful for the Lord's prophets! They are inspiring.
I know that the Book of Mormon is true and it is the best! Hna Hanks and I get into such in depth, fanatic discussions about it, and its awesome. We are big fans of the Book of Mormon. :)
Well! I guess until next Wednesday, people! Enjoy the summer weather there while I freeze!
I love you all and thanks for your support every day. :)
Hermanita Amy Schrader

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