Monday, September 9, 2013

Mission Broadcast!!!

Hello family and friends!
This week had its ups and downs but we are hoping this coming week will be awesome!
Last P Day we went to the feria (street market) along the beach, kinda like a boardwalk! We got some cool souvenirs and stuff and at the end they had churros filled with manjar and strawberry slushies! It was awesome!
This week we visited a member named Irma and her old mother with Alzheimer's, Blanca. We sang with them and shared a scripture, and Blanca just kept saying every 5 minutes, "You two are so pretty! You can come back anytime. Come back soon! Dont make me go and find you!" Haha she is adorable.
ITs funny, every time we meet someone who's not so nice after a contact, we just continue walking along, with a smile on our faces, and say, "Well she was nice." :) It helps lighten our spirits and keep us upbeat.
Oh guess what!!!! Somebody thought I was Chilean the other day. They were so surprised when they heard I was from Colorado. Isnt that awesome?!
I love it here when we go knocking out doors, and a lot of people are like "What do you want? Go away." But then there are always the select few (HP quote) that immediately come outside with the keys to the gate and before we can even say anything, they say, " Come in!" Its awesome.
We are teaching Hermana Sonia english!!! She is the most adorable little ewok. Seriously our little Chilean mother.
By the way, I hit my 6 month mark this past Wednesday! Which means that Justyna just hit her year mark...insane!
I finished reading the Book of Mormon! I have never read it with so much excitement and love before. The Book of Mormon is amazing and I cant wait to read it again. If there is any of you out there who havent read it, READ IT! It will change your life.
Oh! So fun story. I got super sick this week! (Hermana Hanks too) I couldnt even leave the apartment for 2 whole days cuz I was literally dying in my bed. I was coughing and weezing (Pokemon anyone?) and trying to sleep, but I couldnt even breathe. After church on Sunday, though, Milo and one of our ward missionaries, Pablo, gave me and Hermana Hanks a blessing. Lemme tell you, the Priesthood is awesome! And I am so grateful for it. Because that afternoon I felt LOADS better. And I know it was because of the blessing. Wow. I am so impressed.
While I was sick tho, we visited this old man named Hermano Ravé, and while Hermana Hanks and the member that came with us was cleaning his kitchen, I swept the floor and fixed his DVD player and put on some spanish hymns for everyone to listen to. After that I sat on the couch, and fell asleep to the sound of Hermano Ravé trying to sing with the music (so adorable!). I love that guy. Hes the cutest little old man ever.
We visited a menos activo (less active) name Alejandra, and her husband is super against our church, so we were going down the hill to visit her, and we see her husband leaving through the gate, so Hermana Hanks turns around and says, "Go go go!" So we turn around and sprint back up the hill and wait for the husband to leave. 10 minutes later we visit Alejandra and she was so happy to see us. :) I loved it.
We have 2 new investigators! Daniel and Gabriela!
I had my first piece of sushi this week! It was delicious. I am a fan.
WE have a new zone leader from Colorado, Elder Powner, who I have met before in Quilpué. Hes awesome! Our old zone leader got moved up to assistant! crazy.
SO yesterday, if you didnt know, there was a worldwide mission broadcast from Provo! Elder Holland and Nelson and a bunch of others spoke! They announced some new changes to the mission life. Coming soon, we will ALL be using facebook and other internet sites, and TEXTING to preach the gospel. HECK YES. Thats what Im talking about. Everyone was saying at the conference how just knocking on doors really doesnt work as well as it used to, and that theres a better way! This is fantastic news for a tech person like me. :)
They are also opening church buildings for guided tours to anyone who wants to come. ALL OVER THE WORLD!
So the work is going forth people. This gospel is true, the only true gospel! And its going forth and theres no one and no thing that can stop it. :)
Bring it on!
My mission goal is, that when Im on the airplane home, I can look back at my time in Chile and in the MTC and say, "That was the best experience of my life."
HAve a great week everyone! I love you all!
Miss you!
Hermana Amy Schrader

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