Monday, September 9, 2013


Haha hello everyone! Happy September! The weather should be warming up soon :)
That's right. The Rojas family. :) :) It was a miracle!!!! Not all of them came, but Francisco and 3 of his kids came! No one ever comes to church in Recreo! And in addition to them, we had another investigator come with a member friend, and like 4 less actives! It was AWESOME! The cool part about the Rojas family is that everyone greeted them and welcomed them, and all the members got up and bore their testimonies! It was so cool! In Primary, one of the leaders thought that the kids were members because they volunteered to give the prayers in Primary and they did it so well! They are such a great family. When they arrived at church, 5 year old Vicente came out first and ran all the way down the sidewalk into my arms!!! It was absolutely adorable. I was so happy to see them there, it was a miracle. And they loved church!
Let's see, what else. We had an activity this weekend in our ward, we got to listen to some T Swift playing. We played Telephone! Lemme tell ya. Spanish Telephone is a LOT harder than English telephone haha. But my group won! I didnt mess it up too bad! :)
Milo is going to Colombia this week. :( But I hope he has a great time! He will be there a month and he will come back here after cambios!
We taught a mailman in the street the other day. He was cool! We sat talking to him for like an hour in front of the apartments. He was super interested in the gospel and asked us so many questions! He was flipping through the Book of Mormon and came across the Index in the back, and one of the definitions is Lucifer. And he freaked out cuz he thought there was a Book of Lucifer! Haha but no worries, we explained it to him and he was laughing. Hes a cool guy. :)
This week we found a couple new hidden jungles in Recreo! Theyre so pretty and green. And Recreo lately has been smelling like ocean breeze. Nice and fresh and salty. :) But it doesnt help when you have people skinning fish outisde your apartment. 
Hmmm what else... Diego the 6yr old son of the bishop started singing the English theme song of Ninja Turtles - just for me. But he doesnt speak English and it sounded like gibberish hahaha his mom was in a fit of silent giggles and kept glancing at me and laughing more. I was laughing so hard! Oh Diego. What a great kid. 
I had a BREAKTHROUGH this week! Not just that people actually came to church. I feel like I have figured out this mission thing a little more. I know now more than ever that I am here on a mission because God wants me to become something more! I am here in Recreo with Hna Hanks because that's exactly where I need to be for me to become what He wants me to become. I am learning so very much and I wouldnt give it up for the world. The mission is VERY HARD but that just means that it's worth it! Like it says in Harry Potter, "We must choose between what is right and what is easy." True that. If this was easy to do it wouldn't be worth it. "Heavenly Father didnt put us on earth to fail, but to succeed!" (Richard G. Scott). God sees you as His child, and who you are capable to become. Doing things the Lord's way will make you happier than doing things your way. Guaranteed. "Cheer up your hearts, and remember that ye are free to act for yourselves! Reconcile yourselves to the will of God." (2 Nephi 10:23-24). 
Everyone - we have the gospel! The gospel is power! And with power comes great responsibility (thank you Spiderman). So let's share it with all! Cuz that's our responsibility. 
Enjoy your week everyone! I love you all! Write me!
Con amor,
Hermanita Amy Schrader

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