Monday, September 9, 2013


Hello everyone!
So this week was a roller coaster. Lots of ups and downs! Good thing the ups always win out. :) Who cares about the downs.
First of all, I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jenna, Ashley, and Cameron! Hope you all had the best birthdays ever! Love you guys!
So this week...what happened. Well we have a couple new snakes. One is Italian and calls us every day... we just dont answer.
Another one is really nice, and works at the bread store. He was driving around on his motorcycle last night, and stopped to talk to us, and I didnt know who he was, and then he was like, "Its Max! Franciscas brother!" And we were like ohhh! And I made the mistake of telling him that I liked his motorcycle. To which he responded, "In 3 weeks I dont have work, you can come take a ride on it then!" Haha....right. Sure. Not.
We taught Milena this week! She is AWESOME. We watched the Restoration and she told us that she believes it all, and she said that whenever we teach her, she feels like its true. Shes golden! She came to the activity this weekend and got along super well with the members. :)
We taught Alejandro this week, and he passed the sacrament yesterday! we were Oh so proud. He also said that he thinks of us as his daughters, "hijas mías". He is just the adorablest old man.
I have encountered a couple crazy people this week, including someone who wouldnt stop talking about some ugly king once who bought a young wife and fed the orphans...
I talked to this little girl who was a really really horrible liar and said that her dad didnt live there anymore, even tho we saw him earlier. Hahaha. Oh kids.
We taught someone named Javier, and during Once, he played us Bohemian Rhapsody on his phone! Uh....awesome! I miss Queen.
The Chileans had voting for Primaries yesterday and the Socialist party won. So thats fun.
We met with an inactive lady yesterday, who was baptized like 5 years ago and stopped coming after she was baptized. She has forgotten everything about the gospel, and mentioned something about polygamy, something about her still saying the Our Father prayer every night (what the heck?!) and asking us to be careful outside, and to pray to Joseph Smith for protection.... yeah. We had a lot of things to talk to her about. She obviously doesnt remember anything about her own religion. Crazy!
We had intercambios this week! Which is exchanges. I went to Reñaca (which means deep water in the native tongue) with Hermana Pereira from Paraguay! It was so cool...Reñaca is gorgeous. Huge waves and lots of pretty beaches and green plants and palm trees everywhere! And whats even better is that I learned SO MUCH From her. I enjoyed it immensely and feel better prepared to continue on with my mission. :) Before we were feeling a little ... inferior, like no one believed in us, especially our district leader... so this was a step in the right direction, and it shouldnt matter to us any of that, just that all of you believe in us! And we believe in us! And God believes in us. Thats all that matters.
One of the lowest points of this week was when we went back to teach Daniel and Gabriela. Their mom was super anti mormon and pretty much yelled at us and kicked us outta the house. But at least the little girl was a sweetheart. I hope she gets another chance at the truth someday.
We left the house about to cry, and super depressed...but we realized that everything would be ok! And we shouldnt worry about that. And the rest of the night was awesome. Whenever we encounter people like that, we walk away, and once we are out of earshot, "Your spiritual funeral."
Haha keeps us happy and upbeat and going! Its awesome!
We had no food this week.
We had a couple pigeons sit by our window for a couple days, we are pretty sure they were the 3 Nephites in pigeon form. JK. broma. broma. But they were cute.
I love the Book of Mormon! I love Chile! I love America more but hey thats a given.
Happy Fourth of July everyone! Enjoy America. :)
And have a great week! Share the gospel with everyone! ITs the most important thing in this life and the life to come!
Hermana Amy Schrader

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