Monday, September 9, 2013

It's Chilly in Chile

Hey what's up everyone? :)
Before I tell my weekly stories, I just want to let you guys know that sometimes my email likes to goof off and tell me I never got messages from some of you. So, if you havent gotten a reply from me from any of your emails, please tell me! Cuz chances are my email hid it from me. 
Anyway, this week was an awesome week! It's been a been chilly but still nowhere near the winters in Utah and Colorado. :)
We worked a lot this week with a member named Doris. She is a born member missionary. She shares the gospel with everyone she meets, cuz its just that important to her! We have taught many of the people she has found, and one of them was a 83 year old man that has been practically on his death bed for a while. She asked us to come visit him and sing him a hymn. So we did one night, we sang Más Cerca Dios de Ti, which means, Nearer my God to Thee. He loved it, even though he couldn't really respond, he just layed there, but he started trying to say something. The next morning Doris called us and told us he passed away that morning. Looks like we gave him a good send off. The missionaries taught him years ago, and challenged him to baptism, and he said yes! But his caretaker wouldnt let him get baptized cuz she thought he'd die of hypothermia. So, anyway, this guy is incredible, and he's up in the spirit world right now, and Im sure he is listening to the missionaries and has accepted the baptism challenge once more. :) 
Doris's sister and mother are hilarious though. Everytime we visit them they tell 20 minute stories and repeat everything the other says. Haha, me and Hermana Hanks try so hard not to laugh! 
This week we ate quail eggs...that was interesting. I dont think Ill die, dont worry, they just tasted like chicken eggs. :)
Haha one night when our DL called us, he told us that he had rocks thrown at him by someone who wasn't too friendly with our religion or the USA. haha. I had to laugh at that one. Elder Faught is like 7 feet tall... he is a moving target for sure.
I almost got my boots fixed! Our Chilean mother took them to 2 different places to see if they could fix them...but alas, no luck. So, she gave them back to me and told me to frame them, and told me, "I never want to see you round here with those things on again, ok?" But I went home, taped some cardboard on the bottom, wore 2 pairs of socks, and taped the bottom of my foot... and wore them. Yes. That is how much I love my boots. You shouldve seen Hna Sonia's face when she saw me with them again! Haha. 
We taught a member's blind boyfriend this week, which was really cool. His name is Juan and he is an adorable little 88 year old man. 
We met a Chilean guy from Philly! We knocked on his door and he had a perfect American Philadelphian accent. Sounded just like one of my uncles! Haha it was music to my ears to hear a Philadelphian accent again. Heck, it was music to my ears just to hear English! 
We ran into some more drunk old people again, an event that is oh so common in Chile. He was stumbling around on a sidewalk, and yelled as we passed, "Come visit me! Teach me the Bible!" and cackling. I was just like, "Yeah sure, alright! Will do! Ciao!"
We met another drunk guy that recognized us as people of faith, and told us while he was crying that his life was messed up and that he wanted to change his life, and that please is there any way you can help me? So we took down his address and told the Elders to go visit him, since he didnt live in our area. 
When me and Hna Hanks come home at night, we both agree that our hair smells like cigarettes and beer. So much fun.
Church yesterday was awesome! We had 4 investigators come! One was this 20 some year old guy named Robinson that loses his memory every time he sleeps. But he has obligated himself to come to our church every Sunday! He is a cool guy and super nice. 
I was sitting in sacrament meeting yesterday and I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn around to find Diego's face about 2 inches from mine. Diego is the bishop's 5 yr old son. Haha and he whispered mysteriously, "You know what? I know you have a ninja turtles tshirt." Hahaha I just laughed and was like, "No way! Howd you know!?" Diego is so super adorable and he gets a kick out of knowing I like all the stuff he likes. 
We also had a investigator class that Milo taught, and I sat by Alejandro. Alejandro was pretty silent for the whole lesson, but near the end he started rambling on about burning bodies through cremation....and I started laughing. Silently of course! But it was so funny! I was laughing so hard that Milo started laughing too! Hahaha oh Alejandro. Pure entertainment, that man. 
Anyway, cambios are next Wednesday. I feel like I might be staying in Recreo! 
I just wanted to let you all know that I love you all and that I hope you will always try and be the best examples you can be to everyone. There are a lot of menos activos here that have left the church from being offended or feeling left out. So please, include everyone everywhere you go, and dont judge! Just be Christlike. Everyone needs to work on that, including me obviously, cuz no one is perfect! We are not perfect people! And neither is anyone else. So let's just love everyone. :) Deal. :)
LOVE YOU! Enjoy your summer!
Hermana Amy Schrader
P.S. Happy Birthday to Harry Potter last Wednesday, July 31st! ;)

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