Monday, September 9, 2013


Hello family and friends!
Happy 17th birthday Camille! I love you!
Avery - Happy Belated Birthday! I love you!
If theres any other birthdays I missed, Im sorry! I love you too!
This was a great week!
Today I become Chilean! Haha I get my passport back. 
I heard some Britney Spears and NSYNC on the radio at the corner store! Made my day!
I took some Sith Lord pics one night with Hna Hanks. :)
The weather here has been VERY warm and summery, even though we are in the dead of winter!
Alejandro, our recent convert, is awesome. He comes to church every week, passes the sacrament, sits by me, and is just adorable! I love him!
On Saturday, us misioneras and the Priesthood members did some service for Hermano Ravé, a half paralyzed man in our ward. We dug holes to build a handrail by his house! It was so fun, cuz we got to wear regular clothes and we got to have some dirt fights with Milo! AND Alejandro came to help! And he and Hno Ravé are now friends!
We taught Nancy and Evelyn this week, and it was so much fun. I love them! THey are such sweet little old ladies. ME and Hermana Hanks have decided that we go for the sweet little old ladies. They are always our investigators, and i love teaching them!
I gave a talk this Sunday, and they LOVED IT!
It was on conversion and I translated my dads conversion story into Spanish and told the entire thing in my talk. I was told by people afterward, "Please share that with every ward you go to!" "Your dads story really inspired me." "Can I have a copy of your dads conversion story?" "You have super good Spanish!" and "That was a "hermoso" talk!"
So, lets just say it was a hit. And I liked doing it....weird right?! haha.
IT was such a fun week! And we are livin it up here in Recreo. Pics to come next week hopefully!
Enjoy the summer there!
Miss you!
Hermana Schrader

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