Monday, September 9, 2013

End of August Already?

Hola to everyone :)
Hows the weather in America? Cooling down? It's been super cold here! Colder than ever! Especially since I got sick! It was lame. And we had intercambios when I was deathly sick, but I still learned a lot. Haha. I went to Reñaca with Hermana Calderón from Colombia. She is amazing. 
Last P-Day we had a zone activity in Con Con. We played soccer (again - I dont know why we dont play more basketball. Oh yeah - we're in South America). We played in an enclosed field so that the ball wouldnt escape. But you know these crazy Argentinians. Theyre crazy good at soccer and the ball soared out onto the street. So a crazy guy in a Coca Cola truck at a stoplight jumps out of his truck and runs across the street to get us our ball. haha. All of us were applauding and cheering. What a great guy.
Milena came back from vacay in Costa Rica! So we can continue teaching her. She wanted us to meet her friends and they are all super nice. It was awesome.
We did service for Hermano Ravé again this week. He was watching Bridge to Terabithia when we arrived. While we were ironing his clothes and cleaning his kitchen, he started watching Nacho Libre. Haha. Lemme tell you, it is funny in Spanish too.
We have a new district! 3 latinos and 3 gringos. Its a lot of fun.
In OK Market, I heard my wedding song. Haha or, what will be one of my wedding songs. This I Promise You, by NSYNC!!! It made my week. I melted when I heard it. :) You know me and my 90s boy bands. 
Someone thought I was Chilean this week! Literally, and they werent crazy! Surprisingly! Well, not that I know of. He said Hna Hanks was from North America and I was from Chile. And Hna Hanks said, "Yeah, she's from Santiago." haha oh it was awesome. 
About the Rojas family... everytime we visited them this week, they promised us they'd come to church on Sunday. Guess who didn't come to church on Sunday.
We also met a drunk man in the street who wanted to change his life, who cried to us and asked us for help. So we told him to sober up and come to church. Guess who else didnt come to church on Sunday. Yeah pretty sure he ran back up the hill to go buy drugs. Crazy.
Abuelita Martita told me to tell my parents that I have a little Chilean grandmother that is taking care of me. :) So just so you know.
We had lunch with Hna Sonia this week, and her husband Ricardo. After lunch we asked if we could share something with them, and Ricardo said, "Only if it's about Snow White." So I said, "Alright." And I found that scripture in Isaiah about our sins being scarlet, and through the Savior they will be as white as snow. Haha they loved it. THey thought it was very clever.
We met a less active member in the plaza this week, from Esperanza, and after telling us everything (she was a darling woman), she started talking about how the Lord gives us signs on what we should do. I agreed and said, "Maybe we're a sign too." And she looked at me and said, "That's exactly what I said to myself when I saw you guys!" It was cool.
Another cool thing that happened this week was when me and Hna Hanks were sitting on some stairs waiting to meet up with a member, and while we sat there, like 3 people came up to us and asked us who we are and what we do! They just saw us smiling and talking and wanted to know. Let's just say we have 3 new people to teach. :)
Guys, this gospel is TRUE!!! Everything that happens to me in the mission and in life is just a testimony that God exists and that this is the true gospel. There is no other. I am so glad to have hope and peace knowing whats to come in this world. I am so grateful that I have someone there for me who knows me and has a better plan for me than I could ever have for myself. :)
LOVE YOU ALL! Never forget that this gospel is the greatest gift we could ever have. We are all so very blessed. Let's share this gift with whoever else wants it!
Hermana Amy Schrader

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