Monday, September 9, 2013

September Break...Down.

Hey everyone,
Things that happened this week:
-Milo left to Colombia for a month. :( We have no ward mission leader. But he is probably having a great time with his family there! :)
-Due to crazy traffic, we arrived late to zone conference. :( But President is awesome and smiled as we walked in, and zone conference turned out to be super awesome. 
-Today is super foggy and chilly. :( But this week has been like summer! :)
-We got to do service for the bishop's wife! Yay yard work! Seriously, we loved it.
-The Rojas family wanted so bad to go to the stake activity in Viña that they started WALKING THERE (they didnt have money for the bus) with 4 kids! That's a long distance!  Little Lincoln was running. It was really cute because we came to give them some money from a member to catch the bus, but they had already started walking. We called them trying to find them, and found them halfway down the hill. The kids, when they saw us, started running toward us, straight into our arms! Love them. I cant believe they were gonna walk to the stake center! 
We also taught them the Word of Wisdom. With Hna Doris, the awesomest member missionary ever. She was incredible. And the Rojas family was incredible too! They realized why they needed to change and accepted it wholeheartedly! It was sooo cool. I left the house on Cloud 9.
But I think I dropped to at least Cloud 8 on Sunday, when they didnt show up to church (apparently because of Daylight Savings, but we did call them to wake them up!). But no worries, we are gonna keep progressing with them!
We taught Milena the Word of Wisdom too and it is amazing how people are prepared for the gospel. It seems like her whole life has led right up to us teaching the Word of Wisdom. She accepted it wholeheartedly too and loves when we visit her. She is awesome. 
It was Hermana Sonia's birthday this week! Yay!
Which reminds me, if there's any of you that I haven't said Happy Birthday to, Im sorry! I dont have facebook to remind me of when your birthday is. lol.
We taught English classes this week, but only 1 guy came, Javier. (Technically 2 if you count the schizo Marcelo, but he's awesome and already knows English!)
We met a Chilean who visited America tons of times and is officially in love with it. He doesn't even celebrate the 18th of September! He told us he works that day, and on July 4th, he asks for the day off. :) Hes a cool guy. 
Chile played Venezuela this Friday in fútbol (soccer)! They won 3-0! It was great hearing the cheers all over Recreo. :)
So, it was a good week, but it was a hard week. Probably the hardest in the mission so far. There has just been so much responsibility on my shoulders and so much to do and take care of...I pretty much broke down in Sunday School. But bishop, right in time, pulled me out of class to ask me a question and saw that I was crying. He took me and Hna Hanks into his office and listened to us. He is a great guy. We have the awesomest bishop! He just listened to us and told us everything would be ok, and that we are doing great work in Recreo. I am so grateful for him. :)
I am ok, don't worry about me! I am learning a ton and will continue learning for sure. I have grown so much! And I am so grateful for this opportunity!
Quote of the week: "No part of your life is too small for God to care about it."
Also, John 20:29 is awesome.
Well, that's is for this week I guess!
See everyone next week!
I love you all! Enjoy BYU football! haha and enjoy your week!
Hermana Amy Schrader

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