Monday, September 9, 2013

Interviews with Pres

Hello everyone!
How are you all?
This was a crazy insane week! I loved it!
Last P-Day, I met Cristian! In person for the first time. It was crazy! We have been friends for 4 years and we finally met. His sister Evelyn came with him, all the way from Copiapó, which is like 11 hours! It was fun, we went to the church in Recreo, played some basketball, toured the church, and got some empanadas! They are so awesome and it was super duper cool to see a friend! Something was familiar in this world of unfamiliarness. (I dont think thats a word but whatevs).
So yeah! that was a great start off to my week. Then on Tuesday, we did some more service for Hermano Ravé, and me and Hna Hanks mixed cement! We are legit!!! I dont think Chileans have ever seen a girl with a shovel, but I think they were entertained. Haha. There may be pics of this on Facebook...maybe Milo put some up. But it was super fun and it was crazy hot outside! And then we were running to have lunch with a member, and then we saw this old lady with a super heavy bag. So we stopped and said, Do you need any help? And she smiled right away and said, "Yes. I think the big guy upstairs sent you guys." And we were like, "Oh, we're sure He has." :) We carried her bag all the way up to her 7th floor apartment and then spent like half an hour listening to her stories and looking at family pictures...Oh Chileans. :)
We had zone conference in Con Con this Wednesday! We got there super early and it was absolutely freezing! Con Con is this city in north Viña thats super high up, its like right on a cliff. So going up there on the micro was sweet! Its just a view of the cliff, the ocean, and huge deathly waves! We were entertained. 
We also went to the PDI (FBI) and got a certificate for me to get a Chilean ID card. And then we also went to the Registro Civil to get the picture taken and fingerprints stamped, and that was fun. And also some guy while we were waiting in line (its like the DMV) a guy had a hard attack! There were all these medics and doctors and stuff and it was crazy.
We had a really good completo this week in Viña. I am impressed!
The interview with President was super good. He and his assistants and the pensionero came to our apartment in Recreo, and our interview was in one of our rooms...its was crazy! The interview was awesome though. President has a way of just calming you down and telling you everythings going to be ok. He told me he was proud of us and that we were doing well, and he could tell that we were working hard. :) At the end, he asked me if there was anything i needed from him, and i said, "Just keep putting your trust in us." And he said, "You hermanas have ALL my trust and you always will. Keep enjoying the mission and doing your best!":) With his big smile and blue eyes.
We met a couple crazy ladies this week...but thats not really news, we meet tons of crazy ladies every week. Come to think of it, crazy people all around! There really are too many of those here. One day at lunchtime we were walking past a bus stop and some old drunk guy was muttering after us saying we are pretty gringas and blah blah blah. Usually we just say thanks, bye, and walk away, but this time we lost it. We burst out laughing and could not help it. There was a friend nearby, a lady from the internet place, that was laughing too, and she just motioned at us to walk away. hahaha. So we did, as he kept muttering after us. Pure entertainment, people.
We taught Javier, and that was awesome! I really feel like I am getting good at teaching people according to their needs. I definitely need to get better at lots of thiings, but at least I am getting better. :)
This week we had a total Star Wars ewok moment. We were going down to this valley/ditch/country land thing at the bottom of Recreo, because we knew a menos activo lived down there. So we go down the hill, not sure of anything, and then at the bottom, we see this crazy dog being restrained by a little girl, and then a little shack with 5 other little kids, and theyre all telling us to come down, dont worry, weve got the dog chained up! So we go down there and they usher us into their little shack , where theres this bonfire in a can and walls of wood and metal...and the little kids take us to their mother/aunt/whatever and she tells us that the girl we are looking for lives over the hill, and that Cony, her daughter will take us to her. So we follow Cony through this maze...over a hill and through some dirt and trees, and then up a hill, around a bend, and bam, theres another little hidden shack there. We found the menos activo! Haha.
We visited Blanca this week, who is the adorable 90 year old Chilena with white hair and Alzhiemers. She is the cutest little thing! She just stares at us while her daughter chats with us, and when theres silence, she says, "Come around here when you want to! We will have food ready for you, and then I can just sit and look at you two. Preciosas! Lindas! And if you dont come, I will go look for you and bring you here!" Haha. May sound a little creepy but its really not. She is sooo adorable. I got a pic with her and her daughter Irma! I attached it to this email. 
Yesterday me and Hermana Hanks learned that Chile means "the end of the world". How cool is that?! 
Milo was watching the Catching Fire trailer when were at their house for lunch, and I caught a glimpse - it looks SO COOL! So everybody go see it. :) In November.
Me and Hna Hanks have had a lot of fun this week. We tend to talk in super horrible gringa accents when we are in the apartment, on purpose, and sometimes we even start this dramatic, sarcastic yelling at each other. Which is super hilarious and I will have to record it sometime. Seriously, we have so much fun together!
But other than all the fun crazy stories, I really am learning a ton!
I feel like I am still the same person, but just like...a better version. My love for the scriptures and for this gospel has grown insanely. I never thought Id believe in the gospel more than i did, but I definitely do. The world out there really is a fight between good and evil. The cool thing is that we dont have to wonder who is going to win out in the end. Good will win! And Satan will be bound. :) Man, I cant wait for that day. Its obvious that since we already know which team will win, why dont we play for the winning one? Why the heck would we play for the one we know is gonna lose?
Stay strong people! Do your best and preach the gospel!
I love you all so much and I will talk to you next week!
Hermana Amy Schrader

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