Monday, June 3, 2013

CAMBIOS! Recreo-Vina Oeste

Hi everyone!
I got TRANSFERRED! Woohoo! I am now in Recreo, which is in the zone of Viña del Mar Oeste (west) which means....I live on the coast!!!! That's right. I wake up every morning and look out my window, and on one side is the skyline of Viña and the other side is . . .  THE OCEAN! Hahaha I love it soooo much it has been my dream my whole life! I love the ocean! it is so gorgoeus! I get to see the sunset over the ocean every day! Ah!
AND my comp is the coolest. Her name is Hermana Emily Hanks and she is from... Fort Collins! Haha yeah its great. We get along so well and I attribute that to our chill Colorado attitudes. Its so true. I am technically training her, she has 6 weeks in the mission, but man, shes awesome! I was hoping Id like her, and on Wednesday the day we met, I heard her saying goodbye to her old comp, and she said, May the force be with you.  !!! and I was like... no way... A Star Wars fan?!
And then! While going to our apartment, I made a She's the Man reference like I am bound to do for the rest of my life, and she GOT THE REFERENCE! And I was like...this cant be... A She's the Man fan?!
And then!!!! I mention my utter and complete obsession for Harry Potter... yup. Believe it people. SHES OBSESSED TOO!!!! Hahaha so i was like... JACKPOT. :)  A HARRY POTTER FAN! And things have kept going from there - we are practically the same person. I love it!
As for other things this week, our ward is tiny here. Its really sad. There are only like 30 people that go to church, and I have seen the list of less 200 people! So sad. But my work is laid out! :)
Recreo is gorgeous. Right now it is raining cats and dogs, we see the ocean outside the window and can feel the water in the air, we have tons of hills and hike right to the top and can see all of Viña and Valparaiso!
There are jungle areas with hidden staircases... its an adventure for sure.
Our ward mission leader is 26 and is from Columbia. His name is Milo (short for Camilo) and hes freaking awesome. :) Big fan! He said he would add me on fb so Mom and Camille, when you get on my fb, talk to him! :) He will tell you the secrets of my mission life! Haha. jk. But really.
In this area there are a couple forever investigators...a 14 yr old kid that cant get baptized cuz his mom wont let him, but he comes to every single meeting and event. We even teach hiim English. What a great kid.
And yeah, things are looking up from before! I miss the ward in Placilla, but we will make things great here.
There are so many more details but no time! I will have to tell you all when I get home in a year.
BUT I love you all so much! And I miss you!! And I wish you could see this amazingness here!
Have a fantastic week and enjoy life!
Hermana Amy Schrader :)
P.S. The pics are: The view from my apt of the ocean at sunset, the ocean after sunset (with my bad camera) and me in the rain in Plaza Esperanza!

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