Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I Love the Mission!!!

Hello everyone!
I am sorry to say that I dont have very much time to write today but I really wish I did!
I gotta get out and teach people! :)
I am loving the mission. Before was a little harder with certain circumstances and I did my best with that, but now I am feeling like I have been given the opportunity of a lifetime. I wont take this mission for granted! I love my time here and I enjoy it so much!
I love my companion and we have a great time teaching people and visiting people and listening to them!
Pictures to come next week!
Our ward mission leader, Milo, put up some pictures on facebook from the Ward activity and stuff so hopefully youll see them!
Milo's awesome, btw! Love that kid. :)
As for this week, the weather has been crazy. 3 straight days of pouring rain! We got stuck in ViƱa last P Day but made it home ok. We were just soaked!
I have been seriously blessed with the gift of tongues because I understand what everyone says to me! Which is very helpful to my companion, because she understands a lot but not all.
Someone thought that I was latina! Which is probably the coolest compliment ever.
This week we got to visit Hermano Rave, an old man who half of his body is paralyzed. We sang him some hymns and ironed his clothes for him. He is the sweetest thing ever! I love him!
We visited lots of less actives and helped them with everything!
I learned a lot about Adam and Eve from Milo, this kid is a genius! He speaks crazy Colombian Spanish but his lessons are still mind blowing.
We had one of our long time investigators, Alejandro, get married today!!! We went to the wedding at the Registro Civil and we were there for the ceremony and everything. :) He is getting baptized this Sunday!!!!!! And his wife will be there too! I am so excited! Missionaries have been working on him for like a year. :)
Good news: we finally have hot water in our apartment! So thats always fun.
The sky lately at sunset looks like Mordor, and me and my companion dont fail to mention it frequently. :) We are such nerds.
When we are walking a lot we entertain ourselves by quoting Harry Potter, which makes me so happy!
Haha we had help from Leo this week, and have a new investigator named Rosa! She gave us some homegrown avocados, which are delicious here, btw.
Last night we went to visit a less active down in the boonies, and it turned out that she didnt live there anymore or something, but we got to know a lady named Patricia! At first she was super stony faced, like, what do you guys want? And then her son from next door comes over and tells us that he can tell we are doing a good work because he sees the missionaries, Elders and Hermanas, around a lot, and he says they all have a light in their faces that no one else has. He said he doesnt know what our message is about but he knows its a good thing. So after that, he left and Patricia let us in with a smile on her face :) And she went on to tell us the story of her life. While we were listening to her and teaching her about the Book of Mormon, her relatives from next door (who were drunk btw) came over and met us all (each person twice I think but they didnt remember) and gave us choripan and chocolate, and when we left they all called goodbye to us and played Bob Marley for us (since they knew we liked some of his songs). Haha. It was a really cool night and Patricia is a new investigator. :)
Today for Pday after the wedding we played soccer with our zone, ate pizza, and shared pictures of our families. :)
Its been a super awesome week and I am seriously loving it! It is without doubt very hard sometimes and theres nowhere to go but up, but those times are the best and always very rewarding. We definitely have the Lord on our side, because we couldnt do this without him. We are protected everyday, and we can feel it! We are so lucky and so blessed to be here in Recreo, and to be helping these people. They are so special to the Lord! And already so special to me. I love this tiny ward and I hope to help it grow!
This gospel is too important to let the opportunity pass by! People dont realize that we are their chance! Some reject us and give up on the gospel without knowing how very essential it is. I just hope to help people see its importance, and whats more than that, I want to help them feel its importance! I want to help them all be truly converted for eternity! Because thats what it takes!
Well thats what I want to say for today, and just want you all to know how special you are to me, and how much every single one of you is loved by our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. No matter what. :)
Until next week, entonces!
Enjoy the blessings you have! Enjoy your week! :)
Love Always,
Hermana Amy Schrader

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