Monday, June 3, 2013

Pero Claaaro po

Buenas tardes Familia y Amigos!!!!
How are you all? This has been a pretty crazy week but lots of fun!
Hmm...where to start! I dont know!
Well we had 5 investigators in church on Sunday! So that was pretty cool. :) And they all loved it, our ward just swarms them at the end of sacrament meeting and welcomes them...its pretty awesome to have members that take the investigators off our hands. :)
Maria is a little more difficult. She is a true Chilean and isnt a fan of waking up early. Sooo after lessons and lessons of promising her blessings and every possible thing we could do, she still says church is too early. 10 am people! Haha but Maria is a sweetheart and we are doing all we can to get her to church. Everyone is great tho, and we've had FHEs with different families every night this week! Which means lots of food. Honestly, I never want to eat ever again! its the worst! Haha.
A couple of the members and some of our investigators gave me birthday presents! Isnt that sweet? I got a wallet, earrings, a mirror, and a Colombian keychain. :) The people here are angels, no joke. :)
The weather here is acting insane! This past week we had a huuuge rainstorm with thunder and lightning -  the whole enchilada! (Parent Trap anyone?) So that was pretty exciting. Theres also lots of wind here in Placilla, always, and Hermana Keller's umbrella ended up inside out. :) 
And these past two days have been like the middle of summer! Sooo hot. 
Today we had a zone activity in Placilla! By the Laguna in the Bosque. We played ultimate frisbee with a small basketball. Super fun! I was the hail mary catcher always. So we won. :) Hahaha jk. But really. 
We also took pictures by the water and had sandwiches and Cheetos. My zone is the best! Haha theyre all so fun. 
Guess what people! Cambios are in 2 weeks! Crazy, right? The 22 of May I think... But BEFORE that happens! Its... MOTHERS DAY!!!! And I get to skype home :) 
So family - I will be skyping home on Sunday! Dont know what time but itll be after church. Church ends at 1 here, so there it would be like...9 or 10? Maybe we will call later so it can be after church for you guys. But have the skype ready! On the Mac! I might call first maybe to make sure but if not... just be ready. :) We are going to shoot for 6 or 7 oclock here so it will be around 3 oclock there? Yeah. 
Next Monday we are going to Valparaíso to go shopping and stuff! Woohoo!
As for missionary work :) we had a great time this week, walking along all the roads and meeting new people. We shared lots of lessons and testimonies and we are enjoying our time with the members here. They are incredible. Seriously. We had two 16 yr old members accompany us for a whole day! Florencia and Catalina. They were awesome! They helped us out a lot!
The thing that I really gained a testimony of this week was prayer. An even bigger testimony than I had before. I just think that its absolutely incredible that we all have the power to talk to the most powerful being in the Universe...every second of the day! And whats more, not only can we talk to Him, but He'll listen to us! And care about what we say! He will comfort us and help us and He is always there for us. :) It is the greatest comfort we have in this life, knowing that there is always someone watching out for us, that understands. :) So in that case, pray! :) Life will improve, I promise. :)
Well, thats it for this week! If you wanna make bets if I'll be staying in Placilla or going, do it! 
Enjoy every second of your lives! And work hard to have the best that is possible. 
I am so glad that I have this gospel in my life. Without it, Id be just like all these people here searching for the truth! But I have it! I know the truth. And Ill always fight for the truth. :)
I hope you all have the best week ever! Haha
Love you all. :)
Hermana Amy Schrader

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