Monday, June 3, 2013

5 Month Mark, plus Jenna's Married!

Heyyy friends and family!
Big news of the week, my little sister Jenna got married! On Saturday! Congratulations to her. :) Jenna, I sent you a card, so you'll probably get it soon, like in a couple months, since it's coming from Chile. :)
And! May 19th was my 5 month mark! Im not counting down the days, I promise, Im just saying that so you all know. So you can all plan a big fiesta for when I come back. ;)
More news:  This Wednesday is transfers! And we have no idea what will happen. I might stay in Placilla with the same comp, I might get a new one. Or I might go somewhere else with a new comp! I might even train! I just have no idea. Youll just have to wait and see next Monday...can you stand the suspense? :)
This week was pretty crazy. A couple hard days where we had no appointments and no one wanted to listen to us. Así es la misión, sometimes. But the rest of the week was really awesome. :)
We had zone conference and we enjoyed it immensely!
This week was super wintry...except today which was really hot. :)
I am in Valparaiso right now, right next to the ocean, but I cant see it because its so foggy! But I can definitely feel the ocean in the air. :)
We might have found a golden investigator, who just loves to listen to us and drinks in every word, and when we give her something to read, she gets so excited. So hopefully something will come of her. :) Her name is Claudia,and she lives in the apartment building next to us.
Hmmm what else! I learned a ton this week, but for some reason its just so hard to remember it all when you're writing home! So forgive me. But when I come back we can have a huge party and I'll tell you all every little detail. :)
I realized that here, in Chile, a place that is crazy and new for me, the place where I feel at home is the church. With the members and in the chapel, because it really is the same all over the world! They just make me feel so loved and so safe. They are my family away from my real family. When I want a hug from my parents or friends or siblings, I can go to the members and theyll be there. :)
I have gained a much stronger testimony of the importance of temples! It is not just a beautiful building, people! It is a wonderful haven, where you can go to get away from the world and every horrible or chaotic thing that is going on. I really wish that I could go! But it's in Santiago, so far, and I will be able to go at the end of my mission. But you guys can go right now! Do it!
Family is so important to me, and I have been thinking about them all week, all gathered together for my sister's wedding. I miss you all and I hope you all had a great time! Love you all!
I know that I will be able to see you all soon, and that we will also all be able to live together forever in the next life. That is our goal! Never forget it. :)
I'm living on faith down here in Chile, because honestly there's no other way to live in the mission! I am learning a lot, don't worry. :)
Looking forward to seeing the success that hopefully will come from all our work.
I heard a really good story this week, about when Gordon B. Hinckley came to CHile, and all of Chile gathered in Santiago to hear him and see him. It was a rainy day, severely so. And when Gordon B. Hinckley arrived in the stadium where all were situated, it stopped raining -- ONLY in the stadium! How cool is that? The people of Chile got to sing for the prophet, and many couldn't sing because they were so emotional. Nobody left that stadium without a strong testimony of the then-living day prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley. When I heard this story, I wanted  SO MUCH to be there! Gordon B. Hinckley is my favorite! And while I was thinking about how much I wanted to be there, I remembered when Alma said in the scriptures about seeing God and the concourses of angels, "And my heart did long to be there." If thats the way I feel about the prophet, I cant imagine how much greater that longing will be to be with Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and all those angels, and my family!!! :)
I love you all so much and look forward to being with you again. :)
Enjoy your week! Hope its the best!
Your missionary,
Hermana Amy Schrader

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