Sunday, January 27, 2013

6 Weeks in!!! And still lovin it!!!

Hey everyone!!!
How are you all doing?! I'm doing fantastic! This place is amazing and I love being here! I have actually seen a lot of people I know... and I need to take pics with them! There's Trina Kackstaetter here, that's leaving soon for Hawaii, and Ryuki Takei that's going to Hawaii soon too! Also, there are two other people from my dance classes that are going to Russia and Oregon I think.
So this week we had a devotional on Tuesday from David Evans from the Seventy! I was in choir again and we sang, Lead, Kindly Light. It was awesome and beautiful, and the MTC choir has never had that many people in it!
So one of the Elders from our district, Elder Schriever, left on Wednesday for the Guatemalan MTC!!! It was so sad to see him go, I love that kid! When me and my companion and our other Elders were saying goodbye to him, Elder Nelson adn Elder Brady gave Schriever a hug. And then I went in for a hug. haha....jk! I actually did pretend to go in for a hug and then he froze on the spot. It's all good tho, I just said, "Kidding!" And shook his hand. Hahaha. Elder Nelson thought that was hilarious.
So now it's just us 4 in our district. So small! We are all going to Chile, so we are called the "Chile Gang" in our zone. Whenever we are about to go teach a lesson, we do a break and all say, "Chile!" Yep it's awesome.
About basketball. Not gonna lie, I've been drainin 3s every gym time. No big deal. Haha I'm really not THAT good...but I try! Today Elder Nelson was like, "Hermana Schrader. Why didn't you play basketball in high school? Every time I see you play, you're shooting 3s like it's your job!" Haha it's not true but it's pretty cool that people think that.
Well we met our teacher's wife, Hermano y Hermana Lee! They're so cute.
In our progressive investigator lessons we are now teaching each other, as in us chicas teaching the chicos. I am the investigator, my name is Gabriela, and she's actually modeled after my dad! So dad, if you got any tips, I'll gladly take them :) But yeah the Elders like teaching me because I'm practically a golden investigator. Not sure if you were a golden investigator or not but you seem like the type that is so just lemme know!
When Nelson was teaching about the Book of Mormon, he said, "Me entonces este libro!" Hahaha I couldn't stop laughing. He meant to say Me encanta este libro...but he didn't. And it's true that when you're not supposed to laugh, you just laugh harder.
Anyway, hey people, read the JST Genesis 50! It talks about Joseph from the bible and it's sweet. I love reading about him.
 I gave the closing prayer in sacrament meeting last Sunday, and after the meeting, my branch president came up to me and said, "We are really impressed with your Spanish fluency! Congrats!" So that was a good boost of confidence in mmy Spanish. :)
Hermana Chung and Eskeets left for their missions (Argentina and Carlsbad, CA) and they were our fav roommates! So we miss them a ton. We got new roommates! They're Hermanas Fuenzalida (from Chile), Ramirez (from Paraguay/Hawaii) and Sheffield from UTah I think... but they're awesome! And Fuenzalida says that Vina del MAr is super pretty! Yay!
The shuttle driver also said that he heard from his Chilean companions that Vina del Mar is LEGIT. So I'm excited.
Sorry this wasn't very long! I'll do better in teh future!
EVERYONE please WRITE ME! Just go on and write me, my mission is Chile Vina del MAr and my mailbox number is 255!
I would love it so much if everyone wrote me! Please!
Hermana Schrader

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