Friday, January 18, 2013

MTC Life is Good

Hi everyone :)
How's life? Cuz life here at the MTC is maravillosa! Haha I absolutely love it. Being a missionary is the GREATEST privelege ever.
So! let's see what's new...
Ummm so I'm pretty much a baller. Haha jk but during gym time everyday, we play 3-pointer Knock Out and I KILL at this game. Well, let's just say I'm pretty good. I've been practicing my 3 pointers! Haha.
Plus everytime I'd come into a room, Elder Gajkowski said, "Why the heck weren't you in the WNBA?" Haha I'm definitely not that good at all but apparently I look like I could've been. All the Elders in my district beg me everyday to marry a super tall athlete so we can have crazy athletic children. We shall see. Haha.
Elder Gajkowski just left to the Guatemala MTC! And Elder Schriever leaves this coming Tuesday to the Guatemala MTC too! So sad...I'll miss them!  It'll just be me and Hermana Whipple and Elder Nelson and Elder Brady. Such a small class! Nelson was made District Leader...hahaha....we'll see how that goes. Nah I think he'll do great, but he's a hoot. Haha. Both Nelson and Brady have been made the new Zone Leaders which is beyond EVERYONES expectations. haha. But they will learn and grow a bunch. :)
We taught at the TRC! Hey anyone that wants to be taught by me, go to the TRC in 18M on Friday and Saturday nights! Haha I really don't think that's allowed though.
So at the TRC we taught this girl who is coming to the MTC in February and giong to Chile, and she was sooo sweet! She said we were really "poderosas"!!! I love that word.
Our teacher, Hermano Johnson, always says, "lo maximo!!!" Which means, the best. So we always say that now haha it's pretty awesome.
Testimony meeting on Sunday was AMAZING. I was blown away by the awesomeness of some of these missionaries. They have been through some pretty crazy stuff and yet they're HERE with me at the MTC and serving others. It's fantastic.
Me and Hermana Whipple play Harry Potter pictionary a lot haha I think our best one so far has been "woolly bladder". If anyone knows what part that's from, YOURE AWESOME! Write me and we'll talk HArry Potter. And the gospel of course. :)
On Tuesday, the fire alarm went off in our residence at 4:15am! We all went to the gym in 19M to sit and wait. We were there for an hour and ten minutes! It was an adventure for sure.
That guy that we met when we ate at Olive Garden..? I see him all the time! I've talked to him, he's awesome! going to the Riverside, CA mission!
Haha Elder Nelson and Schriever are making me laugh every single day. They do many skits...some of which include the creation of Dora the Explorer, an old deaf lady that likes to scream, and an adorable little old Relief Society president. I don't know what I'd do here without them making me laugh. :)
Well! That' sall the time I have today...lame!
I wish I had more time! But I don't! Everyone please write me!
I'll write you back!
Love you all!!!
Hermana Schrader

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