Friday, January 18, 2013

Still Surviving and LOVING the MTC!!!

Hey everyone!!!
How are you all? I'm FANTASTIC!!! Just got back from the temple, only sad news is that there were no cinnamon rolls today. Esta bien! The temple was awesome. As usual.
BIG NEWS! Elder Holland came for a surprise visit this Tuesday! And I was singing in the choir so I got PRIME seats!!!!! haha He was absolutely incredible and he connects so well with all the missionaries. He talked a lot abuot our missions and how the mission to him was the greatest part of his life, and he wouldn't have anything he has now without his mission. He says the mission for us is the greatest 18-24 months of our lives and that we should treasure each day that we are here, as true representatives of Christ and His church!  Hallelujah for the gospel! And for missions and for the MTC and for ELDER HOLLAND.  Seriously, it was sooo amazing I can't even explain it. I just know that I'm here for a reason and there are people in Chile waiting for me to come change their lives with the gospel. I have always been just SO happy in my life, and all I want is for others to be as happy as I've always been! I want to share the love! And the blessings!
In the choir, the first 10 seconds after we started singing, the camera zoomed up right on me and Hermana Whipple! We were pretty much famous. No big deal. The song was beautiful btw. :)
We had a testimony meeting after that with our zone and it was so amazing. The missionaries here all have such different stories and ways of life that all led them here and I love hearing about it. I love missionaries!
We had the Columbian MTC president come and talk to us on Wednesday. And by us I mean JUST my district! Us 5 and my teacher Hermano Ramsey. My teachers are awesome by the way! I have 3, Hermanos Ramsey, Hoskisson, and Lee! They went to Mexico and Columbia!
One of our investigators, Roberto (Hermano Ramsey) just agreed to be baptized and he said he knew the church was true. It was so awesome!!! And just the beginning! Can't wait for what comes!
Me and Hermana Whipple are having a blast telling each other stories and such...and I'm getting a haircut type trim dealio today so that'll be fun. Yay P-Days!
 Everybody, I LOVE THE MTC!!!!
If you're thinking about going on a mission, GO. It is the greatest privelege and gift of all time! Haha you'll love it. I promise. Vale la pena! It's worth it!!!
Sorry this isn't very long! My computer was freaking out in the beginning. I promise my emails will get longer so you can all know every detail of my mish! Haha love you all!!!!
If you wrote me, your reply is coming in the mail! Keep writing me everyone! It makes my day and my week and my LIFE
WRITE ME! Use and just knock yourself out. :)
LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU! Watch some movies for me.
Hermana Amy Schrader :)

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