Friday, February 1, 2013

You'll Never Guess!

Haha how are you all?
I've been great! Except I got sick again. I was like dead sick haha and they made me see the health clinic/doctor and said i had strep throat...turns out i didn't but i was still super sick!
I just have a really bad cold, but I'm sooo  much better than I was. While I was sick in my bed tho, me and Hna. Whipple spent a lot of time telling each other life stories! So it was a good time.
The BIGGEST surprise about this week - - - Hermana Alaena Daly!!!! One of my bffs!!! She is in the MTC for a week until she goes to Spain! She's been in Mesa, Arizona on a temporary transfer for a couple transfers and now she's here!!! She is in the same district for now as my roommates, so I'll get to see her at lunch and gym and everything! Ahhh so awesome!!!! I found out last night. After class, I walked out of my classroom with my district and saw my roommate standing there, so I was like, "Hey Hermana Fuenzalida!" And then I turn the corner and WHABAM there she is!!! Haha needless to say I pretty much screamed and hugged her for a half hour. It was soooo good to see her and I'm so glad we can be in the MTC together for a little bit!
Another Hermana that has class near to me, Hermana Pitcher, was Katie Buhler's roommate...connections! It's sweet.
I sang in the devotional choir again on Tuesday and once again, me and Hna. Whipple were in the very first camera shot... haha we are celebrities!
Another huge surprise about this week is that our district has moved! We changed classrooms and got all new teachers... Yeah we were heartbroken when we found out...we LOVE our teachers!!! But after a while we got over it and now we are with two new awesome teachers. At least we are getting to know a lot of people!
I got to Host the new sisters that came in on Wednesday! I personally hosted 3 of them. I took them to their rooms, to the bookstore, and to their classrooms. They are going to Santiage, one to Tokyo, and one to Osorno, Chile!
It was a ton of fun and I can't wait to do it next week!
Our district is still just us 4, the Chile Gang. We have a lot of fun together, so that's good. :) We will be here for maybe 3 more weeks!!! It's crazy but I'm still loving it here!
I am really really excited to go to Chile!!! But the MTC is a wonderful place to be, and I absolutely LOVE the people here. :)
So yeah, no worries, I'm having the time of my life!
I LOVE getting mail so everyone PLEASE write me on while it's still free! MTC Mailbox 255! Chile Vina del Mar mission!!! I'd love to hear from you, all of you! tell your roommates to write haha i just really love getting mail and I promise I'll write back to anyone who writes to me. If you have written me, your replies are coming in the mail! If you put your address in on dear elder it's easier for me to send you a letter back :)
But yeah, please write!
I love you all and I hope you all know how much I love being a missionary!!! It's gonna be the best 18 months ever!!! :)
Miss you guys! Watch some movies for me! Listen to music! Have fun!!!
Hermana Amy Schrader
MTC Mailbox #255
CHI-VDM 0226
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604

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