Sunday, April 13, 2014

District Conference Suprizes

Heyy everyone! Family and friends!
We had a District Conference this weekend, and our district, of Playa Ancha, which is not big enough to be a stake, is being condensed to help the growth of our branches! SO - big news. They are taking out a section of our boundaries and putting them with Quebrada Verde! BUT they are adding ALL of Gran BretaƱa to Miramar, and renaming it Levarte. So we will have 3 sets of missionaries in our branch! And we went from 5 branches into 3. Because there are 4000 members in Playa Ancha, but only 300 are active. Sad, right? Time to help the vineyard grow, right? So many promises were made to our district, and we know miracles will happen! So excited for this change!
What else.... oh! I lost my camera!!! Well, I didnt lose it. It was stolen from me. As I was getting on the bus, someone unzipped my bag and stole my camera. I was super mad at first, mostly cuz I felt stupid for not noticing when he stole it. But ... there was nothing I could do, apparently it happens to everyone - especially American girls. So. Maybe Ill buy a cheap one for my last 4ish months. :( Idk.  Why do people have to steal? :(
Anyway - big successes with the Solis Castro family! They are progressing like crazy! We watched the Joseph Smith movie and they have a strong testimony. Jocelyn received what we think is an answer, and she told us everything. We are so excited for them! We know they will be baptized! They are too amazing not to!
And.... Cecilia is progressing too! 
Too bad I dont have any more time to write... Im sorry! When I get home Ill be telling my stories for weeks - you're all welcome to my house for storytime. :)
BUT Happy VAlentine's Day! Hope you all had a good one, and that you all have a good week!
Hermana Amy Schrader

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