Sunday, February 16, 2014

Interesting Week

Hello everyone,
FIRST OF ALL - Happy Birthday Mom!!!! Youre the best mom in the world. I love you so much and dont know what i would do without you. I miss your hugs and your comforting words. I cant wait to see you and hug you again! I love so much!
Well, this week was interesting. It had its good moments, but for the most part... well, let's just say it was a low week. First of all, the Broncos lost the Superbowl. haha I wasn't too upset cuz I didnt get to see any of the games and this year I obviously wasn't into it at all. Nobody watches football here. Anyway, my zone leader is a Seahawks fan and he was sooo happy last Monday when he found out. He had fun rubbing it in my face. haha. I honestly didnt mind, especially since it was his birthday!
But back to the mission - some of our investigators have hit some ruts. Manuel, for one, is not progressing at all and doesn't keep his commitments :(  so we probably won't pass by as much. The same with Melissa. We had a lesson with her last night and she has some trouble with the 10 Commandments, and she told us she doesnt feel prepared for baptism. We got to the bottom of it all, and understood. She also was not keeping any commitments and isnt willing to change just yet. But Im sure she'll get baptized in the future. Its just not her time. But we also will be passing by every once in a while.
Veronica and Lydia are... so-so. We are not going to drop them, but we are going to work extra hard for them. They are an amazing family but in some things aren't willing to change either. We will see what happens with them.
We passed by Leticia! She was sad that we hadn't gone to see her in a while (we were surprised she remembered). It was great to see her again, even though nothing has changed.
Alright. Enough of this sad news. Here's the good stuff!
The SOLIS-CASTRO family CAME TO CHURCH! All 3 hours. Jocelyn, Oriana, and Sebastian! They were super calm and listened intently to everything. They were lucky cuz this Sunday, the youth of the branch gave their testimonies on EFY!!! Their testimonies were super powerful and really brought the spirit in Sacrament meeting.
Javier also came! He was super touched by the testimonies of the youth, and really enjoyed the Sacrament meeting. It was great to see him, and it's great to see him progress, even if it's not in the ward he belongs. One day it'll happen, and it will be such a great day! But for now, its fantastic to see him come and listen and feel the spirit.
The Castillo family, who are very less active, came as well! Marcela has been getting more active lately and got called to be a Relief Society teacher! So her husband and children came to support her, and they haven't been in years. So it was awesome! We got to be there for her setting apart.
As I said before, the youth this week went to EFY (in Spanish, PFJ) and all came back with veeery high spirits and stronger testimonies! We went to visit Milsy, who was dead tired from the trip and couldnt stay awake, but she has changed so much. Its such a miracle to see a girl who just got baptized, who went to the temple a week after her baptism, and who went to EFY a couple months later! She is progressing like wildfire, and her testimony is incredible. I am so proud! haha.
Well, as we all know very well, we learn with our trials and become happier when theyre over. I know that it's true - that our trials are for our good, that we progress and become more like Christ when we are faced with difficulty. I am so grateful for the power of prayer, and for the solace of having a best friend there to talk to in every situation.
Let's hope this will be a successful week!
Thank you for all of your prayers, support, and love.
I love you all so much!
Hermana Amy Schrader
"Don't just walk in the light. BE the light."

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