Sunday, April 13, 2014

New Comp!!

Heyyy everyone :)
SO if you're all wondering what the big news is - cambios did happen, and I am still in my area - which is now called Levarte - but I have a new companion! My old companion, Hermana Oliva, went to Aguasanta - right next to Recreo! It's really close by. And my new companion is Hermana PĂ©rez! We were in the same zone for almost 5 months! She was in Aguasanta when I was in Recreo! So in the cambios meeting when they called our names together, we looked at each other like, YES! haha. Well, just a bit about her -´ she is from El Salvador, shes 20 (today is her birthday!), she has 10 months in the mission, and she likes to laugh. :) So we are gonna tear it up here in Levarte! 
Other news:  Marcela and Natalia (Espinosa) got confirmed yesterday! It went super well, they are so involved in the church - going to activities and meetings and stuff like that. :) ITs funny cuz Marcela is pregnant (did I mention that?) and is due June 4th- the day AFTER I leave. haha. But hey, maybe he'll be early.
We also got a new branch mission leader - the ex-branch president - Presidente Gallegos! He's really cool, so we are going to have a lot of success with him. :) 
Milsy, my convert and bff in Chile, is totally awesome and brought a friend to church! And she was so excited to introduce me to her. :) Shes so cool.
We also had intercambios (exchanges) this week, and I stayed in my sector with Hna Zimmerman again, and it was awesome cuz we did service - HUGE piles of wood that we carried down a million flights of stairs. For 2 hours. By the end, we were dying and super sore, but all the neighbors were smiling and offering us water and thanking us - we were planting some good seeds to baptize the whole street! haha. But yeah, it was a lot of fun. 
This week we have a zone conference with President, and itll be great.
Our investigators that we are focusing on this week are Brandon Silva, Eldrans and Sebastian, and the Solis Castro family. :) 
Well, its getting colder here in Chile (noooooo!) and we are pullin out the coats and gloves. Didnt think fall would come so quickly, but here it is. :( 
Haha but I had a great week and learned a ton, and hope you guys did the same. 
Yesterday we learned a lot about the Sacrament, and it really is a special time, the most special of all the meetings in the church. If theres any way you can improve the time you spend during the Sacrament, do it! I will too. 
Have a great week!
Love you all,
Hermana Amy Schrader

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