Sunday, February 10, 2013

The time is approaching...

Hello Familia y Amigos!
How is everyone? :)
This has been a super awesome and crazy week!
I was made Coordinating Sister (which they only have in the MTC, it's like the zone leader for the girls in the zone.) Our old coordinating sister is going to Spain soon!
I got to host again this week, and I hosted 4 sisters! 2 going to Thailand, one to Germany, and one to Brazil I think.
Alaena left the MTC for Spain this Wednesday! And GET THIS!!! She got to be part of our companionship for like 2 days straight! We had meals together and class together and gym and we taught a lesson together and went to the devotional together and it was such an amazing opportunity! I never thought I'd get to be in a tripanionship with Alaena... it was pretty cool. :) She's in Spain now tho and I hope she's having a great time!
So there are SOOO many people here now... especially sisters. On Wednesday we got 800 missionaries in and a third of them were sisters! So crazy. They are now doubling up on bunk beds in one of the sister's residence halls.
I'm pretty sure there are around 3000 missionaries here! Awesome craziness!
I think it's pretty amazing that I get to go to the temple here once a week! It's a huge blessing and really makes my week better. Especially when we walk up there at 6:30 in the morning, when it's all dark and cold and the mountains are towering over us...and then there's the temple, white and bright and glowing! And it's so warm in there :) And the food is so good!
I have about 2 weeks left here in the MTC! Probably like 2 and a half. But we will probably get our travel plans in the next week or two. I will keep you posted! We are allowed to call home while we are at the airport so I will have more details on that when the time gets closer! I can't wait to see Chile and I can't wait to teach real people! Cristian told me a lot of awesome stuff about Chile and I can't wait to hear more!
If anyone wants to send me pics of family or friends or anything you want to, please feel free to do so! I have no pictures here at all. If you still need my address, here it is!
Hermana Amy Schrader
MTC Mailbox #255
CHI-VDM 0226
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604
Me and my companion, HErmana Whipple, also got to do a teaching demonstration type thing for the new missionaries on Wednesday night. It was really weird cuz we aren't used to teaching in English! A couple times I almost started speaking in Spanish but I didn't. lol. But now all the new missionaries know who we are...and they probably know all the mistakes we made too! But it was pretty fun.
I saw Brendan Casey! Right as he came out to get his luggage. It was good to see him.
Trina Kackstaetter left on Tuesday I think for Hawaii so lucky her!
Still loving my companion and Elders! We are district 11A, the Chile Gang! And we have a Chilean flag hung up in our room.
Umm let's bout some Spanish?
Yo estoy muy agradecida que estoy aqui en el CCM y que tengo muchos amigos y maestros aqui. Yo se que esta iglesia es la iglesia de JesuCristo en la tierra. Y yo se con toda my corazon que Dios y Jesucristo me aman y que aman a cada persona en el mundo! No importa quien es, Ellos le aman.
I love this gospel so much and I am so grateful to be here at the MTC, learning and having the time of my life! I know that God and Jesus Christ love me and that they want the best for me.
If you want to send me candy, do it. :)
IF you sent me a letter or a dearelder, you'll get a letter back, I promise!
Everyone write me I'd love to hear from you!
Hermana Amy Schrader

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