Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chile Here I Come! :)

Hello family and friends!
How's life?!
Mine's goin pretty spectacularly, cuz I'm going to CHILE on Monday! :) I'm leaving at 3 am and I get to call my family from the airport in Miami! I'm going from SLC to Dallas/Ft. Worth to Miami to Santiago, Chile!
And I'm soooo excited. :) Especially for the warm summer weather!
Derrick said that maybe dearelder is still free for my mission... I hope that's true!!! I will see if it is!
We got new districts on Wednesday! We have been dwindling for the past 10 weeks, seeing as our district was the last one to ever come in until now! Our district, me, Hermana Whipple, and Elders Nelson and Brady were the welcoming committee for them and there are a ton of them! Like more than 20! And they are awesome. I am Coordinating Sister, the Elders are the Zone Leaders, and Hermana Whipple is the Music Coordinator, so all four of us had to do orientation for them and send on our MTC wisdom :) 
It was fun being Coordinating Sister, we taught a lot and gave a tour and gave them tons of tips! They're gonna be great! They're all going to either Philadelphia, or Oaxaca Mexico, or Arcadia, California, or New York City South.
We also got 3 new roommates since our last 3 just left haha. They are all advanced Spanish so that's cool. 
Did you hear that they added 58 new missions!? Check it out on! One of them is the Fort Collins Colorado mission! And one is the Chile Santiago South mission! So that's pretty crazy. :)
So I'm sorry that this email came a day late. We had to do orientation on Thursday for the newbies, which means our Infield Orientation got moved to Friday, which means my P-Day was moved to today!
And it's my last P-Day here!!! We went to the temple and had an awesome time and the food is still to die for.
We said goodbye to ours teachers and took pictures with all of them! And I'll miss them cuz they're all the best!
Tomorrow we will be going to the temple to take pictures of us 4 with the Chilean flag!
I don't know how things will work with DearElder and letters and packages and stuff going to CHile....but just a warning, if you ever send me a package with something of worth inside of it, be sure to put a picture of the Virgin Mary or something over it. Haha. It honestly apparently will scare off the robbers that the Central and South American postal services consist of. :) I guess it's cuz they're all Catholic, so it sounds like a good idea to me! If not, try and send it through dearelder or the Church Services, where they will keep it safe. :)
My address until I tell you my new specific one is:
Hermana Amy Schrader
4 Norte 1112
Casilla 631
Vina del Mar
:) So use that or dearelder!!! I hope to hear from all of you!
If you sent me a letter or a dearelder, I am sorry for the delay of this week. It has been a crazy week and I'm sure it'll only get crazier! So you will of course all be receiving letters back, I promise!!!
I love you all sooooo much and I hope you have an awesome week in the USA!!! :)
Next time I'll be writing ... I'll be in CHILE!!!!!!
Viva Chile! :)
Love you and miss you guys! :)
-Hermanita Amy Schrader

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