Friday, October 18, 2013

Don't Just Go Through the Motions

Hola family and friends!
How are you all?
I had a crazy week. It was good, some parts lame, but overall, a great learning experience!
To start off, we had a zone activity in ConCon! We ate at Subway (which is a million times better in America) and playing some soccer (like always lol). 
Chile played Colombia this week in soccer! Chile was winning until the very end! We heard the cheers and everything while we were walking outside. They ended up tying! 
We had a zone conference this week that was good! Loved it!
Hna Wilma made me Minestrone soup, cuz she knows italian food is my fav. What a sweetheart.
We found out Luisa the one who had a baptismal date, has short term memory loss. We were beginning to wonder! After teaching her about God for half an hour, we asked her to say the closing prayer, and she turned to us and said, "Wait, you guys believe in God, right?" haha. So that was fun. 
I have been reading the November 2012 Liahona...aka October 2012 general conference. IT IS AMAZING! I love all the talks. All of them.
So -  news on the Rojas family. Francisco (the dad) is officially in jail. For 40 days. We always knew he was bipolar, but we didnt know it was that serious! He apparently drank some alcohol, and it all snowballed from there. In the end, Carolina went to the police and they came and got him. He put up a fight and even tried to grab a police officer's gun, but he is now safely in jail. Carolina is fine. She has been very calm lately, and told us that it was the gospel that has been keeping her sane. She reads the Liahonas and the scriptures all the time. She came to church with all four kids this week! They have a baptismal date and are doing great. She says shes putting all this about Francisco into the Lord's hands. She is amazing. We even taught her about not worshipping false images (she has a big virgin Mary statue in her house) and she said she'd have to work on that one slowly. But, next time we come over, she is gone from the table and in her place there are our pamphlets, pass along cards, and pictures that we have given her. :) The kids also love singing "Soy un hijo de Dios" (I Am A Child of God) and even have it memorized! It is so cool working with this family. I love them!
I had intercambios this week (exchanges), which didnt really go according to my liking, but it was a good learning experience and I am looking forward to the future with a positive outlook. :)
  Everyone, the end will eventually come, whether it be the end of a trial, or even the end of this life. And the end will always be the easy part! All you  have to do is cross the finish line! The JOURNEY is the part that is the most difficult. And it just so happens that the journey is where we must find JOY. Where we must do everything in our power to deserve the title of winner once the end does come, and we cross that finish line. And only the true winners are the ones that accomplished the task and had fun doing it! SO, everyone, do your best always, and find joy in the journey. :) Dont just go through the motions! Theres gotta be a reason for everything you do.... :)
LOVE YOU ALL! Enjoy your week!
Hermana Amy Schrader

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