Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Curauma and Placilla. VALPAISO!

Heyyy everyone!
Sooo news: I am now in a new area with a new companion. I was only trained for 6 weeks cuz they need the trainers for the newcomers! Sooo I am co-companions in Curauma/Placilla with another 6-weeker, Hermana Plothow. She is from Orem Utah and...we are very different people. But we both have the same goal in the mission so hopefully itll work out. My trainer is in QuilpuĂ© still and I miss her so much! And everyone there! So much! 

Curauma is a lot colder than Quilpué, but it is very pretty and calm here. We have a BRAND NEW apartment in Curauma, new appliances and beds and everything. We have to furnish it up a bit but it is gorgeous. Everything is just white and new. :) Our area is shared with Elders. We both have the same ward! They have a section to preach in and we have a section to preach in. Haha. The ward here is absolutely incredible and I love them all so much already!

We have walked the streets looking for people to teach, and everyone is really nice and receptive. The people here talk better too! I can understand them better and me and my companion arent always super lost. Haha. Sometimes they cant understand what my comp says cuz she has a super gringa accent, so I have to butt in a say it for her and then theyre all like, OOhhhhhh! Thats what she said! Haha its fun. 

But we are really lost and tring to figure things out and it is an adventure. Really fun and really hard and always learning new stuff. We are seeing miracles and are going to continue to see miracles! Next week I will add pictures! I am writing in Valparaiso, which is like an old fashioned NYC!

Sooo I gotta go. Lame, I know, Im sorry.
But I love you all and please write me!
Hermana Amy SChrader

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