Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Semana Santa! :) Happy Easter!

Hello everyone! :)
Happy Easter soon! And here it is Happy Semana Santa! All the religions that dont attend church throughout the year are swarming the churches! Haha. It is good to see that they all believe in something though. 
Well anyway! March 19th was the 3 month mark in my mission! I didnt even notice until someone said it was the 19th and I realized Id been in the mish for 3 months! Pretty cool. 

We had a ward talent show this Saturday, and everyone from the ward came, plus 9 nonmembers! It was awesome! All the youth and primary did a skit which was adorable, and there were some other acts, some jokes, guitar playing, and lots of singing! Me and my comp, Hermana Garcia, sang NSYNC's This I Promise You! It was fun. 

I got my boots fixed in El Centro! You should have seen them after the MTC...I wore those babies every single day for more than 2 months straight. And you could tell! So they fixed them and they are so pretty now. They are ready for some Chile dirt and wear and contacting and tocando puertas! Woohoo! I look forward to when I will have to get them fixed again. Haha. 

So I respond to the name Hannah now. I know I know, weird right. But while I was at Once with Francisco and Maria Isabel and everyone, Francisco said, Do you want some more juice, Hannah? And I looked up immediately and answered, and everyone was like Wowww! She even responds to Hannah now! haha. Im totally fine with it. 

Me and Hermana Garcia got to go to Viña del Mar this week! We were told by the assistants to go to the mission office to pick up some ironing boards. So Cecilia and her daughter Javiera and Cecilias dad Guillermo drove us to Viña! We picked up the ironing boards and our mail, said hi to all the assistants and everyone, then went to Burger King and took pics along the way! It was a gorgeous day! I will attach a couple for sure. It surprised me how similar the coast was to California. ITs like almost exactly the same! haha both the Pacific Ocean. :) Oh and btw, everyone in the US, enjoy Burger King. Its not as good here! But it was fast food and it made me miss the States! haha. But I dont wanna go home yet of course. Im lovin this new culture for sure! Its the best thing ever. 

So transfers are like April 8th or something... and Im soooo nervous! There are 20 new sisters coming, which is super scary cuz there arent enough real trainers for them! Sooo apparently, according to the rumors, some of us greenies will be training greenies! Hope it wont be me...I am sooo not ready! Haha Hermana Garcia still has to translate Chilean Spanish into regular Spanish for me. But yeah I dont know what theyll do for the next transfer! Que será, será! And thats alright with me. :)

We have a colectivo friend here named Fabian and he is the coolest! We just call him, he picks up and says, Where are you? Then comes and takes us anywhere we wanna go! And it was his birthday this past weekend so we bought him some chocolate. Hes super nice. 

We had zone conference this Friday in Achupallas! We had to get up at 5:30 to make it to Achupallas by 8:30! We took a colectivo to the bus station to wait for our Elders, then took a micro with them to Achupallas. The zone conference was really awesome! They talked for the most of the time, but I learned a lot! I was chosen to recite our missionary purpose in Spanish, and then all the new missionaries had to share their testimony in Spanish. It was really cool! And one of the other Elders asked my companion, Your companion speaks really good Spanish! And my comp said, Well she has a good teacher :)  Hahaha. But it was fun, we had empanadas, apples, juice, and Negritas. So good!
Look for our pic on the mission blog! It should say Zone Conference in Achupallas or something like that. 

Something really awesome happened this Thursday! Me and Hermana Garcia were walking in the streets, and my comp was on the phone with the district leader, and then we hear, "Mormonas! Mormonas!" So my comp gets off the phone and theres a man on the sidewalk waving us over. So we kinda walk toward him and he comes up to us and says, "Ive been looking for you! I want to get baptized. Can you help me?" And we were just like....seriously? Hahaha it was soooo coool! And after we set a baptismal date and told him we'd visit him, we were walking away and I said, "Where did he come from?" And my comp said, "Se cayó del cielo!" Which means, He fell from heaven! Haha seriously! It was incredible.

We also had a lesson with an investigator in the second hour of church, and the bishops wife accompanied us. And it was absolutely amazing to have her there as a friend to the investigator, Carolina! It was absolutely wonderful. Then in Relief Society we had a lesson on the Plan of Salvation and the Atonement, and Carolina participated in the discussion! Ah it was bakán! Haha it was cool! Her daughter wants to get baptized too. She goes to seminary every morning! 

Oh, btw, everybody read D&C 19. It is suuuuper good. I love it love it love it! And read Jesus the Christ! I am reading it right now and its really .... idk, really enlightening. Like on every page you have an epiphany! Haha idk its really good. A really good book. 

Today we had a district activity on our property! We did service for Cecilia, chopping wood and moving dirt (hard work considering this was the hottest day of my life, no joke). And then we had a barbecue with chicken and chorizo and steak and salad and rice and bread and everything! It was awesome! My district is seriously the best. I love them so much! They are sooo cool. :)
Then we all went to Lider (Walmart) together! And took a micro home! 

Oh, and guess what. I ate horse meat. I didnt know it at the time, cuz it was in patty form...but it was gross. And tough. And we had it with spaghetti....and I got sick of it and gave the rest to my comp haha...she ate it all. What a champ. And she knew it was horse meat! Ah I have the best comp ever. Shes such a blessing. Oh and also, she just got a Dear Jane letter from her boyfriend, who is now engaged to someone else....so thats fun. :(  She will be ok tho!

Tomorrow we have a lesson with Francisco! This week is gonna be awesome and I'm gonna learn SO MUCH SPANISH!!! Haha. Ah I love being a missionary. And I am gonna make the best of this short time I have with this big opportunity! Love it. 

I love CHILE! I love the people here and the mission and this crazy awesome chance I get to be an official representative of Christ! I have a plaque and a certificate and the mindset! I got this! Woo!

Share the gospel with everyone you get the chance to! Its the greatest thing ever, I honestly dont know what I would do without it. It is the best thing in my life, along with my family and friends. I love it!!!!

I hope you all have a fantastic week and Happy Easter! Remember the reason for the holiday (hint: Christ) :) and enjoy the time with your families! 

I love you all so much! Hasta próxima semana!

Hermana Amy Schrader :)

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